Pup1one’s Trip To Club Penguin Video and Other Exclusives

It’s the dream of almost every Club Penguin player, young or old, to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Kelowna and visit the Club Penguin office. Pup1one was lucky enough to have that opportunity. He brought back with him lots of video footage, pictures, and exclusives. Here is part one of the video he made showing off his trip to Club Penguin. It’s a great video.

He also got some exclusive inside behind the scenes information. Here are links to his recent blog posts if you’re interested:

  1. The Truth Behind Operation Blackout
  2. The Plan Behind Rockhopper Island
  3. New Horizons Part 2
  4. The Club Penguin Movie

A big thanks goes out to Pup1one for sharing all of this information. It sounds like you had a really fun and memorable time.

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