On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 23

On the 23rd of March two updates took place in 2007, one update took place in 2013, and one update took place in 2014.The first update in 2007 has to do with Puffles. Penguins could now interact with them! In the past Puffles had player cards with a few icons on the bottom, so you’d need to click the play icon on the playercard in order to play with your pet.

The second update in 2007 was three books being added to the Book Room bookshelf. They were Franky’s First Show, The Spice of Life, and Truth or Dare.


Beginning on this day in 2013, as long as you completed all four tasks at the Puffle Hotel, you could now go to the Cloud Forest and adopt a Rainbow Puffle – members only, of course.

In 2014 a new task was available at the Muppets World Tour. You had to go to France (the Beach) and make a salad for some free items. You would earn the Salad Tongs item if you were a member and all players would obtain the Beret item.


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