Happy 4 Years, ClubPenguinMemories.com – 2014 Year In Review

Wow, I can’t believe it – four years ago on January 1, 2011, I launched officially released ClubPenguinMemories.com to the world at exactly midnight my time, Eastern Standard Time. I first launched the original Club Penguin Memories (then called CP Memories) on December 7, 2007 on a now defunct website creation service called Piczo. The original Club Penguin Memories only features images of old parties, but then I added stages, then more such as newspapers and catalogues. In October 2010 I decided to redo Club Penguin Memories and move it from Piczo to WordPress. Here’s some ClubPenguinMemories.com stats for the interested:

  • Total views in 2011: 590,932
  • Total posts made in 2011: 1,004
  • Total views in 2012: 2,128,416
  • Total posts made in 2012: 1,327
  • Total views in 2013: 2,075,265
  • Total posts made in 2013: 1,269
  • Total views in 2014: 1,479,956
  • Total posts made in 2014: 982

So that means:

  • 6,866,173 total views (roughly a little more than that due to uncounted views)
  • 4,582 total posts (doesn’t include a few posts that were deleted overtime)

Now for images and pages:

Stats from 2011:

  • 16,736 total images uploaded (about 5GB worth)
  • 1,094 pages

Stats from 2012:

  • 22,506 total images uploaded (easily 7 or 8 GB worth)
  • 1,248 pages

Stats from 2013:

  • 26,944 total images (4,438 new images uploaded this year)
  • 1,298 pages (50 new pages added this year)

Stats from this year:

  • 29,134 (2,190 new images uploaded this year)
  • 1,298 pages (0 new pages added this year)

There would be many more images and pages added this year but I unfortunately do not have the time to update and create pages anymore based and haven’t since Summer 2013. Maybe one day I’ll get to catch up though. I have been keeping track of what I need to do.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is what I included in my year in review post the past two years:

The main thing I have noticed over the past four years is viewers like you LOVE originality between my theme and posts – and that you love my nearly daily if not completely daily posting. I do try my best to have a different looking website than other Club Penguin Blogs – theme wise, navigation bar wise, writing wise, heck – even purpose of the website wise. The irony in this is I’m usually not one to be creative in real life. I’m one to joke around, so don’t take this personal or anything – I once said to some people “Club Penguin Blogs are like lyric websites – there’s so many and they all have the same content.” I was joking when I said it, but it’s kind of true – there’s tons of music lyric websites out there with the same song lyrics listed. Why so many? I’d love something new. Then there’s lots of Club Penguin Blogs out there, all posting the updates. (and lots of famous blogs have some sort of blue theme :P) There’s nothing wrong with that, even though I’m jokingly poking fun – everyone likes different blogger’s writing styles, how quick they are at posting, their theme, etc. (and not to mention, blue is a great colour on blogs!) Don’t take things I say like that to heart, I promise I don’t mean it in a bad way. I just do what I like and hope others like it too. Challenge yourself to work hard and create your own content. Results are not instantaneous. I didn’t even try to make Club Penguin Memories popular, I just wanted to create a website to archive the history of Club Penguin in addition to posting what’s new each week along with some other extra posts. All of this hard work has definitely paid off. And I’m highly humbled by this. I’m sort of on a mission – to change the way Club Penguin Blogging is and loosen it up a bit. Rather than just post cheats, let’s have some fun with other things too!

I’d also like to add that I love the friendliness in the Club Penguin Community. Each and every single one of you are so awesome and caring. I like that.

One thing I’ve noticed over the past year is the Club Penguin Community is a bit stagnant nowadays. Views on Club Penguin Memories have gone down and other Club Penguin website have experienced the same…except Club Penguin cheating websites. They’ve seen a lot of views this year thanks to item adders. I don’t care about the views and regardless I’m very fortunate that Club Penguin Memories has received nearly 1.5 million views this year. So thank you for that.

It’s pretty crazy: when I launched ClubPenguinMemories.com I was in eighth grade. Four years later and I’m a freshman in college. Time flies. There’s been a lot of ups and downs for me these few years but I’m thankful for all of y’all that have been by my side.

I never made Club Penguin Memories because I wanted to be popular, famous, or make money off ads. I made this website because I wanted to share what Club Penguin looked like in the past. I didn’t expect for the Club Penguin Team to see my blog. I didn’t expect for Spike Hike to show the Club Penguin app team this blog in a presentation last year. Heck, I didn’t expect my blog to get as much attention as it has in general, whether it be from a player of the game or an employee of Disney! One thing I’ve learned in life is if you work hard enough and set your heart on it, results will eventually be seen. I’ve never blogged for the fame or money. Not once, not ever. I blog for the fun, for the enjoyment, for the journey. When I’m going to give up Club Penguin and blogging in general, I don’t know. I enjoy logging on Club Penguin each week to see what’s new. Yeah, it’s a kid’s game and not for a 19-going-to-be-20-in-June year old, but there’s nothing saying I can’t enjoy it.

I look forward to what 2015 brings, both in my life, in blogging, and on Club Penguin. Hopefully it’s a good year.

Also: If you are interested, here are a few other extra stats from WordPress – you can view the full report on their website if you are interested here. Some highlights:

  • The busiest day for Club Penguin Memories was on August 22nd where the site got 22,227 views in a day. The previous record was 19,537 views on November 15, 2012.
  • The top posts on Club Penguin Memories this year, in order from greatest amount of views to least amount of views, are as follows:
  1. Club Penguin Frozen Party 2014 Exclusives: Party On Mobile, Adopt an Olaf Puffle, and Much More
  2. Kermit The Frog Meetup Times For The Muppets World Tour Takeover Party
  3. Club Penguin Offering Free 30-Day Membership Trial With Bonus Items
  4. Club Penguin Muppets World Tour 2014 Guide
  5. Club Penguin Halloween Party 2014 Cheats and Quest Puzzle Walkthrough

And finally, comment wise, who talked the most? This list does not include me:

  1. Ultimate64 with 265 comments
  2. cheezlovermw with 262 comments
  3. phineas99cp with 253 comments
  4. luis ver with 122 comments
  5. All73 with 106 comments

Y’all are slacking! Last year the number one commenter was Ultimate64 with 572 comments and the fifth highest commenter was All73 with 366 comments. Phineas99 also scored number 4 on the top 5 commenters list in 2012 and 2013. In 2012 he had 271 comments and in 2013 he had 415 comments.

Now…onward to ClubPenguinMemories.com’s fifth year of operation!

24 thoughts on “Happy 4 Years, ClubPenguinMemories.com – 2014 Year In Review

  1. Congrats Train! Those 4 years have been amazing! And until today you’re the best CP Blogger :) Let’s go for another 4 years :D

  2. We can note that the people interest on Club Penguin has decreased from 2012 and ahead just by looking at your blog views (2012: ~2,1 million / 2013: ~2 million / 2014: 1,4 million). :( That’s sad

  3. How the heck did I come first on comments AGAIN?? Last year, I said I was gonna cut down on commenting (which I did) but I still come out on top. Holy smokes!

    Happy New Year – Onwards with 2015!

  4. Somewhere in September,you posted about CPPS and cheating software and that CP is doing nothing…..
    Can you give me the link?I can’t find it.

  5. Happy New Year Trainman1405 and all the readers of CP Memories!

    I need your help Trainman1405 getting the party host stamp on club penguin please help me!

    I know you’re a busy penguin, so I will list 2 dates in case you are busy at one.

    Saturday January 2, 2015 on the server: Great White (12:00 PM EST)
    Sunday January 3, 2015 on the server: Fog (Time: 5:00 PM EST)

    If none of these times work for you, please comment back saying the date and time you could help me get the stamp and we party together with everyone!

    Also, please make sure you tweet this once the official date is confirmed so that everyone knows :D

    Please and thank you Trainman sir,

    – Cloud Flame

  6. Hey again Trainman sir,

    This is just an update to my last comment I left. I Know How busy you are and I completely understand that! But again, it would be super helpful if you can please help me get the party host stamp, also since this is the week of the New Year I figured It would be a great idea to have a party in my igloo, we get together and have a awesome time :D

    Here are some times that we can come online (Displayed in your time zone: EST), Please pick any one of the times you feel you’re available on the day, and please reply back letting me know so I can be ready for you to help me sir. :D

    Saturday January 3, 2015 on the server Fog (Time: 12:00 PM)
    Saturday January 3, 2015 on the server Big Foot (Time: 5:00 PM)
    Saturday January 3, 2015 on the server Sleet (Time: 7:00 PM)

    Sunday January 4, 2015 on the server: Great White ( 1:00 PM)
    Sunday January 4, 2015 on the server: Yeti (5:00 PM)
    Sunday January 4, 2015 on the server: Abominable (6:00 PM)

    If by any chance you aren’t available at the given timings, please still do reply back with the date and time of when you could possibly be available sir. Your help to me with this means means so much to me sir trainman.

    I Hope to see you and the rest of us at the confirmed meetup.

    Thank you and Happy New year to all once again! :)

    – Cloud Flame

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