Kermit The Frog Meetup Times For The Muppets World Tour Takeover Party

Kermit will be a meetable mascot at the Muppets World Tour party! In this post I will be keeping a collection of any meetup times Club Penguin gives out, so keep checking back for more meetup times! All of the times listed are PST, which is the time shown on the Snow Forts Clock Tower.Kermit

NOTE: Club Penguin has not given out any upcoming Kermit meetup times as of right now. It is unknown if they will be posting any more.

39 thoughts on “Kermit The Frog Meetup Times For The Muppets World Tour Takeover Party

  1. The party looks great so far. The locations are decorated incredibly, however, the rooms interiors leave me wanting more. The Museum is wonderful, but it appears to be the only room decorated, aside from the Stage which is currently not open yet.

  2. Got the background, but couldn’t add him as well. We might possibly be able to add him via java script soon, as I’m guessing his ID will be 33, but if he doesn’t return to the island (he most likely wont), then adding him as no benefit aside from being able to say you’re friends with Kermit the Frog.

  3. i also couldnt add him, i tried many times. when i met people started saying ADD ME ADD ME
    and even if we type his name on the buddy list his name doesnt come up

    • He’s in English servers too, you’ll just have to find him yourself. Polo Field still needs to post meetup times on the blog.

  4. devin got some meetups for english sever for you here

    Friday, March 21, 1:00pm,
    Friday, March 21, 5:00pm, White Out
    Saturday, March 22, 1:00pm, Northern Lights
    Saturday, March 22, 3:30pm, Crystal

  5. o.o im finally back…,so what happening now?… I haven’t been on for a few months o3o?… @trainman

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