Club Penguin Offering Free 30-Day Membership Trial With Bonus Items

Disney promotes Club Penguin membership a lot, and their next plan to promote it involves a free 30-day membership trial with extra bonus gifts. They recently set up, and, websites that advertise membership and allows you to get a free 30-day membership trial. A credit card is needed in order to get the free membership.

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The website looks like any website trying to sell a product in the form of an infomercial: there is a video on the page and information about what is being offered. The video, in my opinion, is like an infomercial you’d see on television. Check it out yourself:

As explained in the video you can get a 30 day free trial of Club Penguin membership. As a bonus you will receive the Beach Party Igloo, 25 free furniture items, and 5,000 virtual coins.

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A credit card is required and the offer is open to those 18 or older. (aka a parent) The offer to get a free membership began on May 27th and is open until July 6, 2014. You can only take part in the offer if your penguin has not had a membership within the past 90 days. Finally, at the end of the free month of membership it will renew automatically and you will be charged $7.95 per month unless you cancel it.

And unrelated…where’s the chat bar and why are they playing Club Penguin in full screen? :-P I also felt like the iPhone shown in the video looked too wide to be an iPhone, but I don’t know if that’s just me.

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And you can see the “?” icon on the playercard that moderators see to view the information of a user. In addition. Cooki Rocket has the PSA spy phone, many old items, 52 postcards when the limit is 50, and 905,755 coins. I wish I was as rich as him!

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Thanks to V0rtex for telling me about this.

36 thoughts on “Club Penguin Offering Free 30-Day Membership Trial With Bonus Items

  1. The coolest part is that it isn’t available in my country! Thanks Club Penguin for the discrimination again. Every time exclusivity for the “supported” countries.

  2. Sometimes I wish Club Penguin is really what it is in these ads.

    We have a long way to go for a virtual world.

  3. Pin tracker is much more useful than the rest of the site because the sites do not work and they go to the regular membership screen

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