Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2013 Roundup

Club Penguin’s big Card-Jitsu Party is beginning tonight. Here’s a compilation of all the sneak peeks, party info, and more!

Penguins have been eagerly waiting for Card-Jitsu Snow for a long time. The original Card-Jitsu game was released in November 2008, followed by Card-Jitsu Fire in November 2009 and Card-Jitsu Water in November 2010. It was assumed that Card-Jitsu Snow was going to be released in November 2011, but instead it was just a Card-Jitsu Party. There was no word about it in 2012, either. Earlier this year that all changed. On January 25th Polo Field tweeted on the official Club Penguin Twitter account that we should stay tuned to the blog, because soon information would be posted to the blog. Sure enough, on the 28th he posted an announcement telling us that we would be able to beta test Card-Jitsu Snow at some point in February.

While we waited for the beta test Polo Field showed off the different Card-Jitsu Snow villains. For starters there is Scrap:

Here’s the details about Scrap:

  • Favorite Food: Athlete energy gels
  • Favorite Dance Move: Playing air guitar with his racquet
  • Quirk: Can do 50 push-ups in a row. And will show anyone who will watch.
  • Quote: “I’ll get you! Get you so fast it’ll make your head spin!”

Then there’s Tank:

Here’s the details about Tank:

  • Favorite Food: Farmer’s Breakfast (eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, toast, pancakes, extra sausage, extra bacon)
  • Favorite Dance Move: He’s doing it right now…
  • Quirk: Growls when he hears the name Sensei
  • Quote: “GRRUGH!”

And finally Sly:

Here’s Sly’s details:

  • Favorite Drink: Canned cola
  • Favorite Food: Chicken wings with blue cheese dip
  • Quirk: Obsessively polishes his bowling ball while scheming
  • Quote: “Oh yah, we’ll get ’em. Ooooh Yah…”

Once we met the three villains we’re going to be up against in Card-Jitsu Snow this teaser video was uploaded:

There was still no sign of the Card-Jitsu Snow beta. On the last day of February, the 28th, I discovered this unreleased login screen which made me believe the beta was nearly here:

Sure enough, I was correct.

The beta was released several hours later. I won’t cover the Card-Jitsu Snow game again here but you can read my original post on it if you’d like.

While the beta went on Polo Field would post weekly updates on the blog letting us know how things were going and what bugs have been fixed, since a game is buggy and still being worked on in the beta stage.

A month into the beta, on the 4th of April, I posted about an unreleased Snow Beta Hat. That item was released several hours later in the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta. It was a limited item only available for several days.

The Card-Jitsu Snow Beta was then taken offline on the 10th of April. It was unknown when the full game would be released on Club Penguin at the time, but of course now we know.

At the Club Penguin Summit, a media event for adult bloggers, Club Penguin showed off some sneak peeks of the Card-Jitsu Snow Party. Here’s everything:

The party logo: (bottom left)


Here’s the Mountain and Ski Village. Here’s the rough sketches of the two rooms:



The completed party rooms of the Mountain and Ski Village as well as the Snow Dojo.




After that, there wasn’t much else until the 1st of May. A new logoff screen and slide was added to Club Penguin’s homepage saying to prepare, as a storm is coming.

Sure enough, two weeks ago on the 9th of May it began to snow. Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water also had its membership restrictions removed.

On the 16th of May, a week after the snowstorm, this logoff screen was released.

The snowstorm had also caused an avalanche.

Construction in the Dojo also began.

On the 16th some new igloo music was released, one of the tracks being the Snow Dojo one. Each Dojo will now have a path to it instead.

Then from the 17th to the 20th four short videos of Polo Field and Daffodaily5’s Snow Ninja Quest were uploaded. Here they are, in order. Each video shows glimpses of the party and new rooms.

Some party information was then uncovered:

Club Penguin invites all courageous penguins to join the battle for dominance in Card-Jitsu Snow, the new and highly anticipated game from the number one virtual world for children and adolescents by Disney that will release on May 23rd. The Penguin ninjas must learn the art of Card-Jitsu Snow to face snow fighters and save the island of Club Penguin.
After an avalanche covering part of the island of Club Penguin, a new Dojo was discovered under the snow. Long ago the Club Penguin ninjas strive to master the mini-games of Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water, and now will be able to master Card-Jitsu Snow. In this game, inspired by the traditional “rock paper scissors”, the ninjas must face snow fighters and defeat them level by level, and the final battle will take place against the supreme master of Card-Jitsu Snow. For assistance during the process, members may obtain additional powerful cards to increase their skills.
With the discovery of Snow Dojo will also emerge new virtual items and activities such as:
• Card-Jitsu players can dress in styles inspired by ninjas items such as wigs and costumes.
• Snowballs: Snowballs to throw penguins in the new Snow Dojo will become different objects:
In the Water Section, ninjas throw water balloons.
In the Fire Section, ninjas throw bottles of hot sauce.
And in the Snow section, ninjas launch giant snowballs.
• Special items for the igloo: members can use their virtual coins to decorate their igloos with new virtual items, eg, a sushi table, a ninja gate, a paper lamp, and bonsai, among others.
• Visit the Sensei: Sensei, one of the most popular celebrities of the island, will make special appearances in servers in different rooms on Club Penguin and encourage ninjas to master the elements and defeat the snow fighters.

Coming to an end, there is a new login screen.

Finally, there are some Card-Jitsu Snow commercials on Disney.

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  1. To be precise
    1st video: 31seconds
    2nd video: 11 seconds
    3rd video: 6 seconds
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  2. Hey Train , do you think the Clubpenguin will getting Wicked in the future because I have a feeling it will be more worse :(

  3. Trainman, what do you think will be in June? Also, i heard that a school will be added in CP…is that true?

  4. Train, I borrowed your photo in the announcement of Polo Field about the Beta Test. Don’t worry, I’ll give you credit!

  5. Scrap: Theodore cause Scrap’s color is green.
    Tank: Alvin because the thing in his back is red.
    Sly: Simon cause he’s wearing blue.
    LOL! xD

  6. The shadowy figure behind sensei is also on the trailer on the top of the mountain. It looks like a bull and it’s saying RAWWRR!!

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