Club Penguin Blog: Card-Jitsu Snow Special Announcement

The other day Club Penguin tweeted they had some special Card-Jitsu Snow news, and today the announcement has been made!┬áIt’s huge news, too. Sometime next month (February) we’ll be able to beta test Card-Jitsu Snow! That’s right! Check out the teaser image given, too:


As said by Polo Field in the post: “Stay tuned to the blog, because dates and details are COMING SOON!”

This is epic! I can’t wait!

The following page has been updated:

48 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Card-Jitsu Snow Special Announcement

  1. Well, of course, it’s like CJ Water and Fire… everyone has a huge build-up, then we play it all day for the opening day, become a master straight away, earn the gem, and forget about it forever.

  2. shadow card jitsu! you see the water,fire and shadow! but they are in a cold place.. maybe shadow and snow are coming together!

  3. Right now you can see that my name appears as “?” That means you should guess who I am… Go ahead, Train! Guess who is commenting!! I’ll give you a hint- I ask if things are for non members…

  4. Why are people goin overboard when Club Penguin says “beta.”

    Just because it has the word beta doesn’t mean we will get a rare item or anything. Odds are it will be located on Beta Team.

  5. If you look closely, The first from the right has Fire Nunchucks, Snow Ninjas have Ice Shurikens and Water Ninjas have Water Hammers. No offense but quite violent for a child’s game. Also, These weapons reminds me of Lego Ninjago~ Levandoski

  6. Ok Train, this may be a spoiler.

    Party’s for 2013:
    March=Operation Puffle
    April=April fools party
    May=Medieval party
    June=Tropical Party

    Operation Puffle is where Herbert steals all of the Puffles!

  7. Maybe thney will give out hot sauce, snow shruikens and water hammer as items :D i would love that and we could use it in the game and finally no one said that those ninjas look creepy i think they are nice designs.

  8. It would be better if we didn’t test it first, and the game was a surprise when it came out. i remember being so excited for the other card jitsu games, the excitement won’t be as great when I’ve already played the game a hundred times on the beta team

  9. ppl found how to get ice blades,fire nunchuks,and a water hammer as an acessory <-spelt wrong ….how do u get them?

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