Club Penguin Black Friday 2012 Deals

For those of you who live in America, chances are you’ve heard of Black Friday. If you don’t live in America, you might have heard the term before. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s the day after Thanksgiving (here in America) that kicks off the holiday shopping season. Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday of November, and the following day is of course Friday. To kick off the holiday shopping season, many stores and online retailers put products on sale or have special limited time deals. In fact, Disney Store had some nice discounts on Club Penguin merchandise last year, which I bought and gave all the codes away on here. There is also Cyber Monday, which is aimed at online sales only.

Anyway, I saw the following advertisement above. As you can see, starting tomorrow, November 22nd and ending a week later on November 28th, if you purchase a 12 month membership from Club Penguin you will get a free $20 gift code to use on the Disney Store website to purchase whatever you like.

Amazon has Club Penguin Game Day (for the Nintendo Wii) for $13.00. Check it out hereThanks Oarca!

I will update this post with any other Club Penguin related deals as I find them. If you find any yourself, send them my way and I’ll add it to this post along with your name.

Oh, and just a reminder – today is the last day for Club Penguin’s limited time membership deal to earn bonus items!

12 thoughts on “Club Penguin Black Friday 2012 Deals

  1. Hi Trainman,
    I sent you an email about the tracking team, I hope you got it. Oh-I might of typed “Trainmam” instead of “Trainman”. Sorry for the error :)

  2. Two things: One, I have found another Club Penguin Black Friday deal! Search up Disney Club Penguin Black Friday offers and lick the first link! It will have a Club Penguin Game day offer! And two, Sorry I haven’t E-mailed you the response to the Tracker team E-mail. I dn’t know how to create an account on WordPress. :P

  3. Thanks! I’m going to toysrus and target! Toys r us for codes! Target for 3 month membership(my membership experies December 1st!)

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