Get Bonus Secret Agent Items With a Club Penguin Membership!

Club Penguin has launched off a new limited time offer that ends two weeks from now! When you visit their membership page, you’ll see a newly added section on the page saying you can get bonus secret agent items with a (new) six or twelve month membership. One month memberships on the other hand do not come with any special items. Although, all but one of the items (the Binoculars) are available on Club Penguin right now in the stage catalogue! That’s hardly a good deal.

Thanks Prador!

31 thoughts on “Get Bonus Secret Agent Items With a Club Penguin Membership!

  1. What a tease…for a long time I have been waiting for the Trench coats to become unlocks…so far all memberships that come with bonuses, come with unlock items…but these don’t, and I really want unlock versions of these.


    • Not bonus items necessarily, read carefully. It said a different bonus. CP responded to me and told me there are no other bonus items other than whats offered. My guess, is that the different bonus is just coins lol. Whats your guess?

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