Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Information – Hunt For Ghosts and More!

As first spotted by Club Penguin Blogger Saraapril today, Club Penguin has updated their upcoming party description for the Halloween Party starting later this month. It starts October 18th and ends October 30th. (But Halloween is the 31st!)

It reads:

Hunt for ghosts at Club Penguin’s Halloween Party! (Oct. 18 – 30) 

Do you dare? During Club Penguin’s Halloween Party, everyone can hunt for ghosts and members can become ghosts and haunt the island! 

Dress up in brand new creepy costumes, trick-or-treat with friends, and enter the haunted mansion. Inside, explore and collect five spooky keys that unlock Ghost Goggles and light the way to a secret Ghost Lab. 

Both members and non-members can find a special ghost-hunting suit! Plus, paid members can step into the Ghostamatron machine to become ghosts!

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