Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Log Off Screen (and other minor updates)

Club Penguin has updated, and one of the minor updates is an AWESOME looking log off screen advertising the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012! It reads “Become a ghost. Halloween Party starts October 18th.” On this login screen you can see a building in the background, a dark night sky, unreleased items, and a ghost penguin! This looks exciting. The Halloween Party 2012 party starts in a month and I’m already psyched for it!

The font has been changed a little bit.

15 thoughts on “Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Log Off Screen (and other minor updates)

    • OR maybe when you log in it will make you clear. Maybe, there will be a room/stage that you can pick if you want to be a ghost or not, like at the Puffle party 2012, you could choose if you wanted to be a puffle or not!

  1. I hope the pumpkin basket will return because i don’t had that item and i want it so i can use it to go trick go treating and its suck if you don’t had it i mean i can carry candy in my hands then they will all fall down and that’s why i want the pumpkin basket to return and they might put it back for some penguins who don’t had it and i hope the pumpkin basket will return.

    • I hope Club Penguin reveal a little bit more, as iv’e been waiting for this since September! And i’m gonna get a membership soon so i can access my Halloween igloo, and add some totally cool modifications with hopefully new furniture items like a night sky backdrop from the living sled! Hurry up October 18th!!!

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