Another Club Penguin Halloween Party Sneak Peek

Here is another sneak peek from Club Penguin…it’s similar to this one¬†but you can see a free item! A chained suit..huh? What do you think this is for and what will we have to do to obtain this item? Will it be members only or for everyone? a coffin! I guess we’ll know on the 18th of October when the Halloween Party 2012 starts.

Put the three sneak peeks together (really sloppily) and… (thanks to¬†Agentdave7, Lenny Thai, and Pinkano445 for sending versions in)

Thanks James!

22 thoughts on “Another Club Penguin Halloween Party Sneak Peek

  1. Hey Train, have you ever heard of the Disney Character “Ludwig Von Drake”? Gary’s portrait in that mansion just suddenly reminded me of Ludwig Von Drake, a very underrated Disney duck.

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