Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Sneak Peek From Polo Field

Club Penguin staff member Polo Field uploaded a sneak peek of the 2012 Club Penguin Halloween Party to the Club Penguin Wiki. Others have it in smaller size, but I managed to get the much bigger version of it. Special thanks to Commander Bsyew for emailing me about it! Here it is:

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012

Wow, this party looks like it will be absolutely amazing! For more Halloween Party 2012 sneak peeks, check out the party commercial, the magazine item sneak peek, and the whole list of safe chat messages talking about time travel, a new Puffle, Card-Jitsu Snow, and more.

53 thoughts on “Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Sneak Peek From Polo Field

  1. Hey trainman! Found a detailed bug, if you see the stadium by the town or snow forts, you will see the current town but if you go to stadium, it is the bumper cars thingy, so the bumper car arena doesn’t show up in the snow forts or town.

    I posted this on your other site, Club Penguin Bugs just to let you know ;)

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