Trainman1405 In Real Life: You Asked, I Answered

As you may recall, in the middle of August I had you ask me whatever you want. It took some time, but I have now finished typing up the answers to everything I was asked. Without further ado, I present to you the completed response to every question. If you want to quickly look for yours, on a Windows computer hit Ctrl & F and type your name to find it on the page, or if you’re on a Mac hit ⌘ (command) & F.

Bloxxerman asked: What about giving us a glimpse of your room? Or garden? ;-) Just hiding any street names or anything like that!
Trainman1405: Alright, well I know you’re British so garden means backyard to you, but to Americans like me it’s just a patch where you grow food, flowers, etc. But here’s everything. :P I apologise for the messy room (it’s usually clean!) and the low quality pictures. (hopefully one day Apple improves the built in camera…)

Walking into my bedroom:

Full view of my bed area and bookshelves:

Other side of my room (laying in bed, this is what I see)

This is our garden – where tomatoes and peppers or something like that are growing. It was raining so I just went up to the window for the picture, hence my reflection.

As for my full backyard, (the whole British garden) our property line ends where the grass is taller than the rest – after that, someone else owns that land. Again, sorry about my full body reflection. :p

Here’s a much nicer picture of the backyard area, back when I used Instagram and it was snowing I took this picture.

Toogood asked: What do you like about Club Penguin?
Trainman1405: I just overall find the game very fun, aside from all the annoying game bugs that keep popping up. The graphics are fun, they update constantly, and the ideas are original.

Toogood asked: Who is your best friend on twitter?
Trainman1405: That’s a hard one, I talk to too many people on Twitter. Everyone? :P

Toogood asked: When did you join twitter and cp?
Trainman1405: My original Twitter account (@Skater1405) was made in early July 2008. I joined Club Penguin on August 4th, 2006.

Toogood asked: Did you play any other vw’s before and after?
Trainman1405: Before Club Penguin I didn’t really use the internet. After joining Club Penguin, over the years I have tried out Minimonos, Tinkatolli, Planet Cazmo, and Poptropica. I do not regularly play them.

Toogood asked: Who inspired you to blog?
Trainman1405: The penguin that is currently penguin of the week, Dale Jr Is 1, is who inspired me to make my first Club Penguin Website – him and 8stoplight8 along with Bo13245. (neither of these people play) Tech163 and Loki Terry inspired me to switch to WordPress.

Toogood asked: Who would you say was your idol?
Trainman1405: I can’t pinpoint it to a certain person – everyone who I’ve met over the years has helped shaped me to be who I am in some sort of way.

Azeemsky asked: What are your favorite subject(s) and why, and what percentage (grade) do you get in it?
Trainman1405: My favourite subjects are history and science. I love learning about the past and science is interesting too. I usually get 90-100% in history and my science grade is usually a B. I am starting to like English/Language Arts more, too.

Firedino123 asked: What is your fave month of the year? Also what is your fave season?
Trainman1405: My favourite month is probably October because the leaves are turning red/orange/brown and the temperature isn’t too hot or too cold. Fall is my favourite season.

Deanz101 asked: Hey, Trainman1405. I’m just wondering, how did you get so good at everything you do whether it’s blogging or finding new exclusives for us?
Trainman1405: I’ve been slightly helped along the way, but a lot of it is just hours of practice, dedication, sleuthing, and trying out new things. I often think outside of the box.

Cooldude229 asked: How much do you play Club Penguin in a week?
Trainman1405: Several hours. Most of that time comes from posting the in game updates. Other time towards that is for playing games to obtain coins and go on for a party I’m invited to or hosting.

Magicguy216 asked: What’s your Religion?
Trainman1405: I am Catholic.

Denis asked: Where do you find the unrealesed items and exclusives?
Trainman1405: They are in files on Club Penguin’s website. I just browse through them from time to time.

Ninjaoninja2 asked: What Inspired you to keep going with your blog did you finnally say yep this is the one for me?
Trainman1405: Nice question! I just enjoyed web work and toyed with two other websites of mine before creating the original Club Penguin Memories. Its popularity made me realise that I found a good idea and I’ve since stuck with it for nearly five years now.

Jjoeyxx asked: Do you have or used to have any pets?
Trainman1405: Yes, I’ve got a dog (Sheltie) named Ginger.

Jjoeyxx asked: What year of school are you in?
Trainman1405: I am going to start my eleventh year of school soon.

Jjoeyxx asked: Will you ever quit CP (I won’t ever) and if you would then when?
Trainman1405: I don’t have plans to quit Club Penguin, since one day I’d love to work for their support team. (hey, next June I’ll be the minimum required age of 18!)

Amy 19987 asked: Do you watch SpongeBob, Phineas and Ferb, Or Gravity Falls?
Trainman1405: I watch Spongebob from time to time, sometimes Phineas and Ferb, and I have never watched Gravity Falls.

Green Ninja asked: What are your favorite TV shows?
Trainman1405: I am not a huge television watcher but I like cartoons such as Spongebob and Regular Show and I also like shows such as Gold Rush, New Girl, Last Man Standing, and The Walking Dead.

Boby49109 asked: If this is not too personal, what’s your real name?
Trainman1405: My real name is Devin.

Boby49109 asked: Umm does your brother play club penguin?
Trainman1405: My brother (Graser10) does, and my other brother (I O Thats It) used to but quit in 2010.

Phineas99 asked: Trainman, how did you discover Club Penguin?
Trainman1405: A friend of mine (Dale Jr Is 1) showed me it when I was at his house.

Phineas99 asked: Which is your favorite party in the past years, including this year, and what is your favorite party of ALL time you went on CP?
Trainman1405: I thought the Rockhopper Quest was pretty fun. My favourite all time party is probably the Fall Fair or Halloween Party. Both are great. :)

Phineas99 asked: Do you miss some of the old features Club Penguin has? Is so, what are they? PSA, Sport Shops, old parties (Water Party)?
Trainman1405: Old parties such as the Water Party and Summer Party were definitely fun. I do miss the simplicity of Club Penguin at times. I do miss it when pins were small and hard to find.

Phineas99 asked: Which holidays do you celebrate? (Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc…)
Trainman1405: I celebrate Halloween and Christmas and Thanksgiving. Those are the top ones I can think of.

Phineas99 asked: Which songs of artists/bands do you hear?
Trainman1405: I listen to a ton of music. Looking at my iTunes, my top played band is Blue October. Other bands that I really like are The Killers, Go Radio, Stars, The Airborne Toxic Event, Cobra Starship, and so many more.

Phineas99 asked: Which is/are your favorite/favorites movie and TV Show right now?
Trainman1405: Right now I’ve been watching the UK version of Skins and The Whitest Kids U’ Know. (both are a bit age inappropriate for younger audiences) I haven’t seen any movies recently.

Phineas99 asked: As a kid/baby, what did you liked to do much before? Play trains, play toys, play with cars, go to playgrounds, play in the park, etc.
Trainman1405: I played with Thomas the Tank Engine trains, did puzzles, played with Hot Wheels cars, played with friends, went to the park, rode my bike, and played games on my Gameboy and Nintendo DS.

Phineas99 asked: What thing did you love much when you were a kid/baby? Stuff you liked on your childhood.
Trainman1405: I liked trains then and still do. :D

Phineas99 asked: Have you ever go to other places before? (Countries,states,etc)
Trainman1405: I’ve been to states surrounding the one I live in (which is a secret) and I went to Ireland when I was 1 year old.

Phineas99 asked: What do you love of Club Penguin and what do you hate of it?
Trainman1405: I love the constant originality and updates but dislike all the bugs.

Boorex asked: What is your favorite chips? I like flamin hot cheetos!
Trainman1405: I love corn chips and salsa.

Phineas99 asked: If you met Billybob (Lane Merrifield) and you get a chance to meet the Club Penguin HQ in Canada and you get a chance to give ideas or change on something on Club Penguin, what would it be? A party idea? A new game idea?
Trainman1405: I’d love to see The Party Starts Now and Anchors Aweigh in Dance Contest. It’d also be nice to view what stamps you can unlock for a game inside of that game instead of having to exit the game and view your stamp book. I haven’t got any game or party ideas.

Phineas99 asked: Have you met Happy77, or Billybob or other mods in Club Penguin before?
Trainman1405: I’ve seen Happy77 online, I don’t think Billybob, I’ve met Rsnail and Screenhog (Rsnail added me – although both him and Screenhog no longer work for Club Penguin) and I’ve also met Polo Field, Cool Times, and Businesmoose on several occasions. I’ve also met undercover moderators such as Rhinoo, Tundrafluff, Ricerocket14, Megatron, and Annelisemae. (This was all in 2007) I recently met Federflink1 too.

Phineas99 asked: Do you like memes? If so, which one is your favorite meme?
Trainman1405: I don’t have a favourite, but I do love all memes!

Phineas99 asked: Which one is your favorite color?
Trainman1405: Blue.

Phineas99 asked: Trainman, how do you see Club Penguin codes? Like clothes, mascots, games, etc. XP
Trainman1405: They have special configuration files.

Nightbug1 asked: If you could bring back any party on club penguin what would it be?
Trainman1405: The Summer Party or Water Party.

Gold Tommy10 asked: Is what state you live in too personal?
Trainman1405: Yeah, for now I’m not going to reveal it. I have lived in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania in the past though!

Gold Tommy10 asked: Will you post a pic of your brother its u in real life? >:D
Trainman1405: I don’t think he’d like that. ;)

Wwe Vs Wwf asked: Did you ever ride a train? Do you like sugar? Do you like the third advertisement parties in CP? Do you want the Fall Fair back? Does CP blogging effect your life? Will you buy Innocent smoothies if they were available in the US? Do you want to visit the CP headquarters one day? Do you like tweeting? What do you think about Polo Field’s Twitter account? Will you ever want to work for CP when you 18 years old and go there by a train? Do you like snow? Do you like rain? Do you like your beach? When is your next party? What’s your favourite part about Club Penguin? What do you hate about blogging? What do you hate about CP? Do you like tracking? Are you weak? Do you like water? Did you ever rode a roller-coaster? Do you think summer is too short? Are you happy that your home schooled? *lucky xD* Do you like to watch TV? When do you think you will quit blogging? Did you ever meet someone that works for CP? how many codes did you own before you gave it away. Will you have 12 days of Christmas this year? Are you rich? Are you smart? What placewill you never visit? Club Penguin or Minimonos or Moshi Monsters? Red Or blue? Rookie or Gary? Orange or Grapes? Purple or yellow? Helicopter or planes? Do you have a sister? Do you like to eat chocolate? Do you often visit the beach? Does your brother quit CP? Do you rather want the updates on Thursday or Friday? Are you a fast typer? Are you a billionaire? Do you like life? Do you like to answer my questions? Okay I’m done giving as much as I can. I have more but I would not wate your time :p
Trainman1405: Yes. Yes. I don’t mind it but it’s starting to be overkill. Yes. Somewhat. Yes. Yes I do. I love it. He is a cool guy. Haha, as long as the train ride there isn’t too expensive. As long as it’s not put down my back. I don’t mind rain. The beach is nice. I don’t know when it is. I like the originality. The demand is one thing I dislike about blogging but it’s alright, I don’t mind it. I don’t like the bugs. Tracking is fun but hard work. I am not. Water is almost all I drink. I’ve ridden many. A little short. I am. I like some TV, yes. I don’t know. Only over the internet. I’m not sure. I will! I am not. I am. Antarctica. Club Penguin. Blue. Gary. Oranges. Purple. Planes. I do not. I love chocolate. Somewhat, it’s a few hours away. One of them have quit. I have no preference. I am a very fast typer. I am far from being a billionaire. Life is alright. I don’t mind the questions. Hopefully I answered them all. :P

Caldog9 asked: Do you like chickens?
Trainman1405: I like their eggs. And meat.

Caldog9 asked: Do you like sheep?
Trainman1405: Baaahhhh. (that’s yes in sheep)

Caldog9 asked: Do you like Minecraft?
Trainman1405: I’ve never played it but it seems alright.

Caldog9 asked: Did you ever think you would ever raise a site with nearly 2 million views?
Trainman1405: No, not at all. I’m still blown away to this day at the success the site has had.

Caldog9 asked: How on Earth do you keep this site up to date with the hundreds of pages and everything?
Trainman1405: No life. :P Jk, I guess being homeschooled helps and just being quick with it all.

Caldog9 asked: Are there 1000 pages yet?
Trainman1405: 1,205 as of writing this.

Caldog9 asked: Will you actually answer all seven of my questions I asked you?
Trainman1405: Of course.

Nightbug1 asked: If you could bring back any party on club penguin what would it be?
Trainman1405: The Summer Party or Water Party.

Luigi755 asked: Can we host a mini-party?
Trainman1405: Sure!

Lenny Thai asked: Have you ever met Happy77 or Billybob in real life? also Have you met Happy77 and Billybob in Club Penguin?
Trainman1405: Real life, no. I’ve seen Happy77 on Club Penguin before.

l0l-man asked: which is ur most ironic memory of ur childhood? lol
Trainman1405: Hmm, I don’t really know. Sorry!

Airplane6068 asked: How often do you go on Club Penguin each day?
Trainman1405: It ranges from a few minutes to an hour or two.

Dj Stores asked: When you were younger, a normal kid, not involved with CP and computers and all that, what did you use to do, apart from play with trains :P
Trainman1405: I played with friends, did my school work, and also video games on Gameboy, Nintendo DS, and Gamecube.

Spacegladiator4 asked: Are you on the east coast or west coast? (or central)
Trainman1405: I am on the east coast.

Candygirl767 asked: Do you dislike your brother?
Trainman1405: Nah, my brothers are cool. :)

Rico1206 asked: What’s your favorite TV show? :P What’s your favorite movie? :PPP
Trainman1405: My all time favourite TV show I don’t really know. The Harry Potter movies are probably my favourite.

Blakefilms13 asked: How do you get information and other things days or even months before they even appear?
Trainman1405: I constantly search the web and sometimes others find stuff and pass it along to me.

Blakefilms13 asked: What do you use to publish your website, and does it cost any money?
Trainman1405: I use which is free. A domain name costs money and a good website host costs money. (A few bucks a month usually, and a domain is about $15 per year usually)

Joe5840 asked: Can we at least hear what u sound like?
Trainman1405: Sure, check out this video.

Xbird asked: What’s your brothers name? :D
Trainman1405: I don’t know if they’d want their names here but I have said them before at some places. :o

Xbird asked: Do you have any date, month, or year that expect you will quit Club Penguin?
Trainman1405: Nope! I’ll keep playing until I can’t or lose interest. (if I ever do :p)

Cance0 asked: When did you start clubpenguin?
Trainman1405: August 4, 2006.

Cance0 asked: when is your birthday?
Trainman1405: June 21st.

Thalj asked: What makes you play Club penguin when your 17?
Trainman1405: I enjoy blogging, I have the time, the game is fun, and I’ve got so many awesome penguin friends.

Buddytoe asked: Which was your first pin?
Trainman1405: The Pencil Pin. I missed the Soccer Ball and Hockey Stick.

Boby49109 asked: Would you ever give your account to someone?
Trainman1405: Probably not.

Duke632 asked: Do you have any pets?
Trainman1405: I have a dog (Sheltie) named Ginger.

Dhi228 asked: Have you ever been on TV?
Trainman1405: My reflection has been when the TV was turned off. ;-)

Dhi228 asked: What is the first letter of your state?
Trainman1405: That will give it away, but I will tell you that there is a vowel in it!

Dhi228 asked: Your favorite fruit?
Trainman1405: Probably raspberries or strawberries.

Dhi228 asked: Who is your favorite mascot?
Trainman1405: Sensei or Gary.

Dhi228 asked: Why are you blogging on CP cheats when you’re 17?
Trainman1405: Because I have the time and enjoy it. There are bloggers older than me too, one way older. :)

Dhi228 asked: How many Apple and Samsung products do you have?
Trainman1405: Samsung wise, 0. Apple wise, a MacBook Pro, two iPod Touches (one three or four years old, another two years old) and an old iPod Nano that’s probably six or seven years old. I am not rich. :P

Coolpool79 asked: Do you like locomotives?
Trainman1405: I do.

Duke632 asked: What is your favorite TV show?
Trainman1405: I don’t really have a favourite right now, I just like watching different shows. :)

Goody Mcluck asked: Hey there Train! How do feel about the name Devin? And how tall were you when you were 10? And how hard is it to have control over 3+ blogs? Like this blog and club penguin bugs and The coding massacre! Thanks and waddle on!
Trainman1405: I like the name Devin, I think if its. I don’t know my height at age 10 but it was probably average. It can be a bit of a challenge at times but it’s a fun challenge.

Roddi2 asked: How did you save enough $ to make a website i would rlly like to make a website but i need more $
Trainman1405: I have an allowance where I get a few bucks from doing chores so I saved money that way.

Volk34 asked: Does Graser annoy you in real life?
Trainman1405: Only sometimes. A lot of it is just practical joking. :D

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  1. Do you think the UK or Ireland should own Northern Ireland because I live there and there is tons of fires and riots where I am right now.

  2. Can you please answer these questions if you don’t mind? Do you like the 39 clues? Are you a fan of WWE? How tall is average height for you when you were ten? Thanks and bye!


    • Nah, we own up until where the grass is taller. That “field” is owned by the town, so it’s like no-man’s land. We just have a backyard like many houses, it does not extend to the trees in the back – only 1/3 of the way I’d say.

    • I don’t have a phone. I use my iPod to take pictures. I just connect that to the computer and use a program called Image Capture on my Mac (or iPhoto) and simply import it.

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