Water Party 2007

A little bit before the party, the Crab you see in the glass at the Pool did something nobody predicted. It tapped the glass and it cracked, making water flood the underground. As a result, hoses were added to suck the water up and splash it around the island for a party.

4 thoughts on “Water Party 2007

  1. Hello club penguin on monday july 22 i am having a teen beach movie party! Please come here is the reminder
    Snowball0089 Teen beach Movie party
    When:July,22 2013
    Server:Ice Cold
    Room: the Beach And the Cove and hidden lake
    Girl Outfits: Surfers Boys outfit: bikers
    It will be just like the movie i will be doing surfers vs bikers and the beach will be surfers and the hidden lake will be the bikers

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