Trainman1405 In Real Life: Ask Me More Questions!

Due to the fact that I have (for now, at least) run out of things in my life to talk about, just like I did back in April you can comment on this post with your questions about me and I will answer them. I’m going it the same way I had done it in the Spring:

Comment below with anything you want to know about me, and I’ll answer it.*

*As long as it’s nothing too personal or inappropriate. I will also not post a picture of what I look like on this website.

Get commenting, and expect your answers in a new post next week! It’s fine if you ask me something that I previously asked back in April, don’t worry. I will still answer it.

67 thoughts on “Trainman1405 In Real Life: Ask Me More Questions!

  1. What do you like about Club Penguin? Who is your best friend on twitter? When did you join twitter and cp? Did you play any other vw’s before and after? who inspired you to blog? who would you say was your idol?

  2. 3 questions: 1. Do you have or used to have any pets?
    2. What year of school are you in?
    3. Will you ever quit CP (I won’t ever) and if you would then when?

  3. If you met Billybob (Lane Merrifield) and you get a chance to meet the Club Penguin HQ in Canada and you get a chance to give ideas or change on something on Club Penguin, what would it be? A party idea? A new game idea?

  4. Did you ever ride a train? Do you like sugar? Do you like the third advertisement parties in CP? Do you want the Fall Fair back? Does CP blogging effect your life? Will you buy Innocent smoothies if they were available in the US? Do you want to visit the CP headquarters one day? Do you like tweeting? What do you think about Polo Field’s Twitter account? Will you ever want to work for CP when you 18 years old and go there by a train? Do you like snow? Do you like rain? Do you like your beach? When is your next party? What’s your favourite part about Club Penguin? What do you hate about blogging? What do you hate about CP? Do you like tracking? Are you weak? Do you like water? Did you ever rode a roller-coaster? Do you think summer is too short? Are you happy that your home schooled? *lucky xD* Do you like to watch TV? When do you think you will quit blogging? Did you ever meet someone that works for CP? how many codes did you own before you gave it away. Will you have 12 days of Christmas this year? Are you rich? Are you smart? What placewill you never visit? Club Penguin or Minimonos or Moshi Monsters? Red Or blue? Rookie or Gary? Orange or Grapes? Purple or yellow? Helicopter or planes? Do you have a sister? Do you like to eat chocolate? Do you often visit the beach? Does your brother quit CP? Do you rather want the updates on Thursday or Friday? Are you a fast typer? Are you a billionaire? Do you like life? Do you like to answer my questions? Okay I’m done giving as much as I can. I have more but I would not wate your time :p

  5. Do you like chickens?
    Do you like sheep?
    Do you like Minecraft?
    Did you ever think you would ever raise a site with nearly 2 million views?
    How on Earth do you keep this site up to date with the hundreds of pages and everything?
    Are there 1000 pages yet?
    Will you actually answer all seven of my questions I asked you?

  6. When you were younger, a normal kid, not involved with CP and computers and all that, what did you use to do, apart from play with trains :P

  7. Hey everyone, thanks for your questions – keep them coming! I’ll draft the post soon and add your questions – once you see your comment appear here it means I included it in the draft post that will be published next week. :)

  8. Have you ever been on TV? :D What is the first letter of your state? Your favorite fruit? Who is your favorite mascot? Lastly, why are you blogging on CP cheats when you’re 17?

  9. Hey there Train! How do feel about the name Devin? And how tall were you when you were 10? And how hard is it to have control over 3+ blogs? Like this blog and club penguin bugs and The coding massacre! Thanks and waddle on!

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