Club Penguin Innocent Smoothies Information Roundup

At the end of last week Club Penguin launched their Innocent Smoothies promotion, meaning penguins in the United Kingdom and Ireland can purchase the specially marked Innocent Smoothies packages to obtain a special code to unlock. The code is on the inside of the package, which you can see below. The inside of the package also has some information and even a penguin you can cut out and put an outfit on. The far right of the image is the special code you redeem to unlock items. Each code unlocks 3 items, so if you want all 24 you need to purchase 8 different packages. There is a 25th item, the Pineapple Igloo, that is automatically unlocked as a bonus for unlocking all 24 items. You do not pick which items to unlock.

The Innocent Smoothies packaging looks like this:

Here is a video of the codes being unlocked:

You can see what the Disney Innocent Smoothies page looks like in this post and you can see a sneak peek of the upcoming Temple of Doom Adventure Party and Smoothie Smash game look like in this post. Finally, Daffodaily5 has blogged about a video made by the Club Penguin Team. You can view that post here

Special thanks to Pengumile for the Innocent Smoothies packaging images and code unlocking video. They have been used with his permission.

36 thoughts on “Club Penguin Innocent Smoothies Information Roundup

  1. trainman! how did you get that? can you ask pengumile on twitter or something if he can send me a code? pppppppplllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeee?
    ill give him FULL CREDIT!!! (and some to you too ;))

    • Yeah, I love the smoothies and I’v got 9 items! I got 1 the first day because it was the only one in the shop, and now I’m getting 2 each day because its 2 for £5!

    • They have an office in the UK, but other then that they are still in Canada. (What’s weird though, they use Pacific Standard Time as Penguin Time)

    • Actually its not weird they use pacific standard time as I believe one of their main offices is in Canada, British Columbia, Kelowna and PST is their time zone

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