12 thoughts on “How To Unlock The eReader On Club Penguin

  1. wait are they having 12 months (1 year) memberships for sail at stores now? If not how are they going to sell it?

  2. I emailed Club Penguin and asked about this. They informed me:
    If you purchased this 12 month membership now and added it to your current 12 month membership, then the additional 12 months would be added to your membership. For example, if you had 3 months left on your membership and you added a new 12 month card, you would have a total of 15 months of membership left!

  3. Okay so I tried to activate my 12 month membership code from Amazon and it didn’t work. I tried in 3 different places just in case I was doing it wrong. So I emailed Club Penguin and they told me they have to cancel my current membership for the Amazaon membership code to work. I emailed Club Penguin back asking if they can add my remaining months of my current membership back after they cancel my membership and after I also use the Amazon membership code. I’m awaiting a reply. Beware and ask many questions to Club Penguin before you even think about buying the Amazon deal.

  4. I got the e-reader and it’s pretty neat! It’s similar to the blue book hand item or laptop hand item because when I sit with the e-reader, it looks like I’m holding it and looking at it just like with the book. When I stand with it, I am holding it in one hand and it’s very visible that it’s an e-reader. Waddle on! :)

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