Club Penguin Membership & Parent Pages Update

Just like they do in the beginning of every month, Club Penguin has updated has updated their membership listing events for the month. One thing I noticed is instead of the fourth event being something for next month, everything it lists is for this month instead.

  • Bake cookies in the Bakery Kitchen
  • Get the new Cookie Serving Apron and serve treats to your friends
  • Decorate your own delicious Gingerbread Igloo
  • Help Santa deliver presents to penguins everywhere!

Another notable thing is Club Penguin’s Parent Page has been updated. It has a very sleek design, just like their toys page that was overhauled back in October. This page also has links to their Official Twitter Account and their Facebook Parent App, which I told you all about back in the Summer. This page does have a few kinks to it, but I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

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