On This Day In Club Penguin History – April 27

By / May 17, 2016

On the 27th of April Club Penguin has had updates in 2006, 2007, and 2013. In 2006 the Find Four game was released and in 2006 Rockhopper arrived for a visit and opened the Ship Hold room on the Migrator to the public. Not only that, but also the Pirate Party began, a new pin was hidden on the island, and a new book was added to the Book Room’s bookshelf. In 2013 a new robot and free item were available at that year’s Marvel Superhero Takeover.

On this day in 2006 the Find Four game was released, placed at the Lodge Attic. The game ended up being more popular than anticipated so the following day the team added some more Find Four tables to the Ski Lodge. Here is Billybob’s original blog post:


Hello Penguins!

We are proud to announce our newest game in Club Penguin… Find Four! This has already become on of our favorite games and we hope you like it too! If that wasn’t enough exciting news, we decided to build a whole new room for the game above the ski lodge called “the attic.” So head up there to play and have some fun! You never know, you might just meet some new buddies. Don’t forget to let us know what you think.

In other news: We’re hard at work exploring the caves under Club Penguin. We can’t give any more details, but it might have something to do with that door that is in the “boiler room” picture from the last news post. :) We will give more info next week!

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team
By BillyBob on April 27, 2006 2:50 PM

The following year, 2007, Club Penguin had a handful of updates. Rockhopper arrived for his sixth visit, and along with that he brought the Puffle Bandana head item for all players and the Captain’s Coat clothing item and Porthole and Steering Wheel furniture items for members.


Also on this day in 2007 that year’s Pirate Party began, Club Penguin’s first ever one. The party was accidentally released about six hours early, around 5:00 PM PST the 26th of April, and I was one of the few penguins to see the party ahead of time before they took it down, roughly an hour or two after it was accidentally released ahead of schedule. The free item at this party was the Sailor Hat, which could be picked up by all players at the Plaza.


Another update in 2007 was the Gem Pin being released. It was hidden at the Ski Village. You had to hover your mouse over the treasure chest and it would pop out. This is the second pin to be hidden at the Ski Village and it is Club Penguin’s 31st pin overall.

The final update on this day in 2007 was the Penguin Tales Spring ’07 being added to the Book Room’s bookshelf. It features three short stories written by players of Club Penguin, as Club Penguin had held a Book Room Writing Contest where players could send in their stories. The three stories are Pizza Parlor Panic by Orantango, Comoica’s Jetpack Adventure by Comoica, and The Legend of the Gold Puffle by Icmer.


The final year with updates on the 27th of April is 2013. A new robot and the Magma Power Gloves were now available at the Marvel Superhero Takeover.


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