On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 16

By / October 21, 2015

On October 16th Club Penguin has updated in 2009 and 2014. Most of the updates in 2009 pertained to igloos and 2014’s updates were all over, such as a new pin and a change to the ordering of clothing items in your inventory.

The first update in 2009 was an update to the igloo music. The tracks Team Power, Ruby’s Theme, Haunted Disco, and Zero Gravity were added. The igloo decorating contest began and submissions were accepted until the 25th. The furniture and igloo catalogues were updated, too. The Cobblestone igloo flooring was brand new and the Pink Carpet flooring returned. New furniture items such as the Creepy Cottage Cut-out and Iron Gate were released. Items such as the Cauldron and Tombstone were brought back.


To prepare for Card-Jitsu Fire, the red/orange skies were gone and a few rooms now had dark stormy clouds. The dark storm clouds could be seen at the Dojo Courtyard, Iceberg, Mountain, Ski Village, and Mine. In just a few more weeks Card-Jitsu Fire would be unleashed to the world, marking the installment of the second Card-Jitsu game.


The final two updates in 2009 were login screens. The team added two login screens, one to advertise the Halloween Party and the other to invite you to Club Penguin’s anniversary party.


Not only has Club Penguin updated in 2009, but they have also updated in 2014. When you first logged into the game Gary’s great uncle Gariwald would appear and say he is in town to investigate paranormal events. Alongside this the Puffle Hotel was being decorated in preparation of next week’s Halloween Party. The fountain in the lobby was replaced with a bat puffle spraying green goo. Cobwebs and several other decorations were also placed around the hotel. Speaking of Halloween, SoundStudio was also updated with new spooky sounds.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.33.03 PM

Another update in 2014 was a new pin, the Anniversary Balloons Pin. This pin is Club Penguin’s 289th pin overall and is the fifth pin to be hidden at the Mine.

The most minor update on this day in 2014 was Club Penguin changing the order of items in your inventory. They were now sorted as newest to oldest instead of oldest to newest. As someone who likes to wear old items and has thousands, I despised this change when it happened and still do.

Finally, although not an in-game update, the 36th issue of Club Penguin’s magazine was now available in the United Kingdom. The issue’s theme was Halloween.


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