On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 29

On the 29th of September Club Penguin has updated in 2006 and 2011. In 2006 a new pin was hidden and you could now walk your puffles. In 2011 there were new prizes at the Fair, a new field op mission, and new book codes were unlockable.

The pin hidden on this day in 2006 was Club Penguin’s 15th one. It was the Telescope Pin and you could find it at the Ski Hill. This was the first pin to be hidden in that room. The other update on this day in 2006 was the ability to walk your puffle around the island. Having your puffle dig while going for a walk was not added until years later. At this point in 2006 you could only play, feed, bathe, and walk your puffle.

Going ahead in time to 2011, new items were added to the Fair’s prize booth. The Sundae Surprise and Balloonist Hat were added at the prize booth all players could access. At the member only prize booth the Every Flavor Ice Cream, Unicycle, and Lemon Balloon items were added. The Unicycle item does a special dance.

Club Penguin Fair 2011 Prize Booth

Another update in 2011 was a new field op mission, the 49th one. For this field op you had to go to the Boiler Room, specifically to the left side of the newspaper archives.

The final update in 2011 was Club Penguin re-adding the ability to unlock the Official Annual 2012 and Card-Jitsu Handbook books, as they were removed for a short period of time.


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