Boiler Room

Not a whole lot goes on in the Boiler Room. This room is located underneath the Dance Club and next to the Cave. This room was added in early 2006. Here you can also see the past several issues of Club Penguin’s newspaper, the Club Penguin Times.

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  1. Here is some history and pictures for this room for you:

    The Boiler Room is the basement of the Dance Club. It is a place most notable for holding the last six editions of The Penguin Times, called the “Old News”. This room can either be accessed from a speaker in the Dance Club, green door in the Cave, or via Elite Spy Phone or through a small manhole at the Plaza. Once through there you take the door on the left to the Boiler Room. The Boiler Room is the primary infrastructure of Club Penguin.

    According to the Book Room’s Library book “Truth or Dare”, the Boiler Room once had no electricity, and was dark (Just like in Penguin Chat 3). The “Keeper of the Boiler Room,” or just the “Keeper”, is a green puffle found on the bottom-right speaker of the Dance Club. The boiler was once broken by Herbert P. Bear in Mission #8. It also has the last six Club Penguin Times issues. It appeared in Penguin Chat 3, though it was secret then.

    During the April Fool’s Parties, the heater turned into a pot full of boiling water with a triangular sign that said “CAUTION: HOT”. Also, on top of the Old News cabinet there was a timer, that after 30 seconds a box next to the pot would bust open and a Jack-In-The-Box would come out.
    During the 2008 Water Party there was a big tank which was marked H2O. It held water because H2O is water.
    During the Medieval Party 2008, the Boiler Room had an Anvil Maker 3000 which gave you the anvil pin.
    During the Medieval Party 2009, the Boiler Room had a Pin Maker 3000 which gave you the crown pin.
    During the 4th Year Anniversary Party, there was a 4th Year Anniversary Cake Pin.
    During April Fool’s Parties, the heater was crushed.
    During the Medieval Party 2012, the boiler room had the Pin Maker 3000, which has made the Scorn Crest Pin.

    Baseball Pin
    Snow Shovel Pin
    Book Pin
    Anvil Pin
    150th Newspaper Pin
    Crown Pin
    Beach Umbrella Pin
    4th Year Anniversary Cake Pin
    Compass Pin
    Brazier Pin
    Cheese Pin
    Scorn Crest Pin
    Heavy Weights Pin
    Tombstone Pin

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