On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 1

By / September 1, 2015

Updates on the 1st of September have happened in 2006, 2007, and 2011. Updates were mostly new pins and new clothing catalogues.

The first update in 2006 was the Pencil Pin being hidden in Book Room. This was my first pin! It is Club Penguin’s 13th pin overall and the second pin to be hidden at the Book Room. The second update in 2006 was the September 2006 Penguin Style being released. It featured back to school items such as the Green and Pink Letterman Jackets and the backpack.


In 2007 there was one update. The Baseball Pin was hidden in the Boiler Room. This is Club Penguin’s 40th pin overall and the first pin to be hidden at the Boiler Room.

As for 2011, it was Pay Day for EPF agents and Tour Guides, since it was the first day of the month. The Penguin Style for September 2011 was also released. The main theme of items were for the Fair, which was that month’s party. New items included the Bumpers (cars) and animal costumes.



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You said ‘my’ twice in the sentence ‘my first Pin’. :P



Thank you for pointing that out. Fixed!