On This Day In Club Penguin History Special Edition – February 29

Since 2008 was a leap year, there was one extra day in February: February 29th. It just so happens to be that Club Penguin had some updates on that day, so rather than posting this every four years I’m posting this at noon PST on the 28th of February – halfway between February 28th and March 1st. :) In 2008 there were four updates. There was a new pin, a new sports catalogue, an update to the Ice Fishing game, and finally an update related to Rockhopper and his ship, the Migrator.

The new pin was the Aqua Grabber Sub Pin, previously called the Aqua Grabber Pin. It is Club Penguin’s 55th pin and could be found at the Cave above the lifeguard chair..

Another update in 2008 was the sports catalogue. Back then the Sports Shop existed where the Everyday Phoning Facility currently stands and the catalogue was not available at the Stadium. A few new items were added to the catalogue, one being the Flashing Lure Rod, an item that can be used to catch grey fish in Ice Fishing, a feature that was also added to the game on this day. The final update in 2008 was the Beach being updated for the Save The Migrator Campaign, as Rockhopper’s ship was hit by an iceberg, sank, and was being salvaged thanks to the Aqua Grabber game Gary built. The update to the Beach on this day added the items salvaged from Aqua Grabber.

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