Sports Shop

The Sports Shop originally had the Penguin Style (clothing) Catalog in it, until late summer/early fall 2007 when it got it’s own catalog, a Sports Catalog. After this room was destroyed with popcorn in Spring 2010, it was replaced with the Everyday Phoning Facility and the Sports Catalog was moved to the Ice Rink/Soccer Pitch/Stadium.

9 thoughts on “Sports Shop

  1. I joined club penguin only in 2011 so I didn’t really know the Sport Shop at that time. But I’ve definitely heard about it and now I think it’s better than than boring old Everyday Phoning Facility and I kinda miss it. Bring back the Sport Shop!

  2. Yeah, this was one of the few rooms that was destroyed and wrecked totally. I remember how sometime I recorded in there videos about crazy sports maniacs trying to rob the place. That was until Herbert bombed the place and the EPF built the Everyday Phoning Facility. Then all the fun was ruined and the secret/not so much secret was gone. Then Herbert lit that on fire and it’s being rebuilt now. Maybe CP will surprise us and bring it back! I know I would like that.

  3. Aww. :( I miss the sports shop. cant believe that it’s been three years!!! I loved the PSA and i loved using the curtain secret passage to HQ that a lot of people never knew about haha!
    I really miss the PSA :(

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