On This Day In Club Penguin History – January 22

By / January 22, 2015

On this day in Club Penguin History there were updates in 2010. They all have to do with the Mine. Up until the 22nd of January in 2010, the Mine Cave, Hidden Lake, and Underwater rooms did not exist. On this day in 2010 they were all released! A week or two before these rooms were released a hole in the wall at the Mine appeared. After it was deemed safe, it was widened so penguins could fit through. From there it was realised there were three new rooms, previously hidden by the mine’s wall! Puffle Rescue was released later on in March.


When these three new rooms were first released, you had to go to the Mine Cave (now the Gold Mine), wear a Hard Hat, and dance to drill. Eventually you would find four pieces for the Amethyst Pin, which let you access the Hidden Lake. A big boulder blocked the entrance to the lake and getting the Amethyst Pin caused the giant rock to roll away so you to access the room. At the Hidden Lake you could purchase a Divers Suit (members only) to go underwater and collect the Coral Reef Background. There was also a new login screen released to advertise this update.


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Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling

“Puffle Rescue was released released later on in March.” Remove one of the “released” in that sentence. :]



Thanks for pointing that out!