Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Room Concept Art Sneak Peek

Yesterday on Facebook Club Penguin posted a sneak peek of concept artwork for one of their rooms at this month’s Star Wars Rebels Takeover party, which will begin on the 22nd of January. Check out their Facebook post:

This is the image:


You can see other Star Wars Rebels Takeover sneak peeks here, here, and here.

13 thoughts on “Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Room Concept Art Sneak Peek

  1. Hey Train!

    Not really on topic of Club Penguin, but this is just a general question:

    Do you ever watch Graser’s channel, since he is your brother? If so, how regulary and will you ever consider asking to do a video with him? Also have you ever thought of getting into minecraft or starting a youtube channel like Graser’s?

    • I have a few times but I don’t want his or anyone else’s Minecraft videos consistently. I’ve appeared in a few of his Club Penguin videos but don’t really have an interest in Minecraft. Sometime I’d like to get into making gaming videos, whether it be Minecraft or other games.

  2. I’m not expecting too much for this party. They have disappointed me many times last year, so I’m not going to get my hopes up.

  3. In the top right corner is the place where they play games. On the left side is I think Sabine’s spray painting room. At the bottom is the planning area. At the left side is where they fly the ship.

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