Club Penguin Doomsday Bunker Star Wars Rebels Igloo Sneak Peek

Club Penguin is releasing a new igloo sometime soon. I think it’s a doomsday bunker, but that seems like an odd igloo for Club Penguin to release…plus with next month being the Star Wars Rebels Takeover, it occurred to me as I began to write this post that it’s possibly a Star Wars related igloo. Does anyone know for sure? I’ve never seen Star Wars, let alone Star Wars Rebels.┬áRegardless of what the igloo actually is, more importantly, here is what it will look like:


It’s probably Star Wars…but I guess we will know for sure next month or whenever the igloo is actually released.

UPDATE: It appears to be Star Wars. Oh well, calling it a Doomsday Bunker sounds cooler. :-P


18 thoughts on “Club Penguin Doomsday Bunker Star Wars Rebels Igloo Sneak Peek

  1. Reminds me of the tubes we snuck through behind Herbert’s tropical house to get to his control room, and also (if it’s Star Wars) like the underground house on the desert planet.

    I saw the original Star Wars movies (my grandparents have the set with the Original Movie Version and the Director’s Cut) and some of the TV series that’s on now.

    Well if it’s that radio tower on Lothal, I hope they give us windows to add that have a desert outside, or room on the outside edges where the walkway is to see the background.
    There was a lot of communications gear last Takeover that would work in this.

    I’d really rather go to the frozen planet Hoth.
    Penguins like snow ice … and snow monsters.
    Heh heh heh

  2. I hope the igloo is for nonmembers because nonmembers never get a Star Wars igloo and it will be unfair for members to get a second Star Wars igloo and nonmembers don’t,it’s NOT FAIRRRR!!!!

  3. Hello Trainman1405!
    I’m going to guess that penguins have to earned the igloo during the Star Wars Rebels Takeover!
    I wonder if it will be for Non-Members AND Members!
    What do you think?
    Waddle On!

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