On This Day In Club Penguin History – December 8

Lots of updates have happened on the 8th of December in 2006 and 2011. In 2006 there were four updates. Rockhopper made his second visit ever to the Club Penguin Island. This time he brought Red Puffles with him! Now all penguins could adopt a Red Puffle for themselves. Before this update you could only get Puffles in blue, pink, green, black, and purple.

Club Penguin December 2006 Rockhopper's Rare Items

In addition to Rockhopper’s visit with Red Puffles there was a new pin was hidden and there was some new igloo music. The new pin was the Bonfire Pin and you could find it in the Ski Lodge. This was the 20th pin to be hidden on Club Penguin and the first pin to be hidden at the Ski Lodge.

Moving on to 2011, there were tons of updates. Here’s a list of them all:

  • The Ice Rink replaced the Soccer Stadium for Winter
  • There was a new Sports Catalogue with hockey and ice skating items for winter
  • Coins For Change & Holiday Party Login Screens were added
  • Card-Jitsu Mats were added to the furniture catalogue and ninja catalogue
  • Rockhopper appeared closer to the island in the Telescope
  • Coins For Change 2011 and Holiday Party 2011 construction boxes were added around the island
  • The ability to send coin gifts from a postcard via the Disney Parent Portal app on Facebook was added
  • Before Card-Jitsu: The Ninja Quest book was now unlockable
  • A new Ninja Progress Board for Card-Jitsu was added (and later removed for unknown reasons)
  • The 59th Field Op was released. It was located at the Lighthouse next to the door. The minigame was to recharge the batteries by guiding the microchip
  • There was a new EPF message from Dot (It wasn’t anything important; it was just a message aimed at Rookie)
  • There was a new parent update newsletter email

As you can see it was a lot of small updates rather than main big ones, aside from the Ice Rink making a comeback and sports catalogue being updated.


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