The Rest Of The Club Penguin Team Is Abandoning Their Twitter Accounts (It’s Not Disney)

The rest of the Club Penguin Team on Twitter, aka Megg, Ninja, Daffodaily, and Loustik005 are doing the same thing Polo Field did: abandoning their Twitter accounts in favour of the official Club Penguin one only. Megg has commented on this post to clear up that it is NOT Disney who ordered this. Megg anounced this change in a series of three tweets. Interestingly enough, Chattabox’s Twitter account was not mentioned, nor was Spike Hike’s, however I won’t be surprised if the same thing happens to them…


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  1. Hey! I just wanted to give everyone a bit more info. It’s not Disney’s fault like everyone is saying, it was a mutual decision between all of us to put more focus into the Club Penguin account and make it more exciting and meaningful to the community. We were spreading ourselves too thin I guess you could say! I hope you know that if this was something we were forced to do that we would put up a fight first ;)

    Change is good, we have only the best intentions and it’ll all be okay — just give it time! I know it seems bad but that’s only because you can’t see all the awesome we have planned.

    I hope this helps, I really appreciate every single player in the community and I hope you can support us in this decision. I mean look at the positives, the blog is getting a revamp and will be awesome! How cool will that be?!

    Waddle on everyone :)


    • Thanks for clearing it up Megg. I’ll update the post and make note it’s not Disney. However, I still feel that it is a silly decision, as it is fun to see what goes on in yours, Polo’s, and everyone else’s lives day to day rather than “promotional” (eg “Check out our new _____ we released today!”) tweets from the @clubpenguin account. With the individual Twitter accounts it made things a bit more interactive with some team members on a more personal level. You may not have been able to reply, yeah, but even things like favouriting tweets at least acknowledged you saw what we said and liked it. Looking at @clubpenguin’s favs they only favourite official business stuff a large majority of the time.

      As for seeing if this change is good, I will wait and see like you said. I look forward to seeing this blog revamp, whatever it is that’s in store. (not really sure what more could be done for the blog though aside from showing the penguin’s outfit next to comments :p)

  2. Megg better be right… because when rainbow puffles came out all you did were change into puffles and meet PH and wait like 17 hours in between events JUST to get the rainbow puffle. Eh…
    I want Happy77 back D’:

  3. I’m pretty sure they’re trying to connect on the blog instead of Twitter because Twitter is not connected to Club Penguin. If they’re spending all their time on Twitter then younger players who may be under the age limit of sites (Twitter, YouTube) then they may lie about their age. So they might have had to shut down their Twitter accounts because they were encouraging uounger users to lie about their age which is against COPPA. Also they want to be able to connect more on the blog as that is connected to their site rather than using a social media site which they only have an account on and do not own.

    • CP did nothing to encourage underage signups. It’s just a fact you have to be 13+ to join. Not once did they say “ignore the rules, join instead!” on @clubpenguin it even says their Twitter is for those 13+.

  4. I was recently scrolling through the CP page and I found at that there is a new help system!!! It brings you to this Disney Interactive page instead of the old CP page. It is a lot harder to find a way to contact them, as I had to search up “Contact CP email”. When I tested that out, you have to put in your age, your first and LAST name, where as before you only had to give your penguin name and email. C’mon Disney!!!

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