22 thoughts on “RIP: Polo Field Is Shutting Down His Twitter Account

  1. It’s Disney, it’s Disney. I’m pretty sure Polo Field doesn’t want to quit Twitter, but Disney forced him to stop following people before and then forced him to quit these days. I wanna see how Club Penguin will be in the future, maybe more worse than now.

  2. Disney wan’t to shut down polofields blog for money. Im just gonna sing ducktales to clear everything up. And you know what I mean about ducktales. Right?

  3. Polo cut off his blog from the public. Tried to request access several times but I doubt he’s still allowed to use it, which is a bummer because my blog was featured on there :/

  4. Its understandable as i stated on twitter social media can lead to leaking of kids information drama fighting and just various forms of online trouble. One of Club Penguins main priorities is safety if I remember.

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