RIP: Polo Field Is Shutting Down His Twitter Account

I will be retiring this Twitter account in favour of using @clubpenguin instead. Players can always reach me on the CP blog any time. Thx! — Polo Field (@polofield) October 6, 2014 *cough* It’s Disney *cough*

Lilac Ren From The Club Penguin Team Joins Twitter

Good news for those of you who enjoy tweeting! Lilac Ren from the Club Penguin Team now has her own Twitter account. She’s actually had it since September 2012, however it looks like she has not used it until very recently.

Summer Party To Be Club Penguin’s Party In August

Lately rumours have been swirling around that Card-Jitsu Shadow will be released in August, however based on what Polo Field tweeted today this is false, as on Twitter he said there will be a Summer Party.

The 2014 Music Jam Will Be In July

While most of us already knew there would be a Music Jam this Summer, we didn’t know what month. I’m sure a lot of us guessed July, and that is correct. Polo Field confirmed in a tweet today that this year’s Music Jam will indeed be in July, just like always.

PH Visiting Club Penguin This Month

While some of us may have already been expecting PH to visit later this month since November is all about Puffles, Club Penguin has confirmed via their Twitter account that the island’s Puffle caretaker will indeed be visiting.