Be Heard: Free Coins and Items For Bullying Prevention Month To Raise Awareness

October is Bullying Prevention Month (although every month we should prevent bullying, amirite?!) so to help raise awareness Club Penguin set up a special page, similar to the one they did in April for Earth Month. You can view the page here.

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You can show your support for bullying prevention on Club Penguin by using the code 2BEHEARD. Redeeming this code will unlock the Be Heard Campaign Shirt, Megaphone, and 500 coins. You can redeem items on Club Penguin at this URL.

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For every time the code is redeemed Club Penguin will donate $1 USD to help support bullying prevention, up to $50,000 total. There is a counter on the page showing how many times the code has been unlocked/how much money has been donated, however the counter is not instant and takes some time to update.

As always, if you see bullying on Club Penguin you can report them to a moderator. If you or someone else you know is being bullied in real life seek help from a parent, teacher, or some other adult. We can make a difference. :)

Thanks Adriano and Star58108!


15 thoughts on “Be Heard: Free Coins and Items For Bullying Prevention Month To Raise Awareness

  1. No offence, I think its great how CP makes posters about bullying, but it’s not helping much. Many get bullied, but CP doesn’t do anything at all. All they do is make posters.

    P.S. If this statement is wrong, could you explain to me why? I don’t want to be wrong.

  2. September 2014: Build schools in India, Ecuador and Haiti
    October 2014: Support Anti-Bullying

    Was there a big bullying incident in India, Haiti or Ecuador to start this? o_o I find it funnily a coincidence, yet again, I like how CP is helping a lot in the real world.

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