What’s Going On With Polo Field? Is Club Penguin Restricting Him? (Updated)

There’s something weird going on. And I’m here to investigate it.See below for a small update – Polo Field tweeted about his unfollowing.

Just under a month ago, on the 7th of March Polo Field announced shortly after being less active on Twitter that he’s going to “start spending more time on the blog” and that he “wants to make some more fun posts” as shown:


Even since then, he’s only tweeted for others to see and didn’t reply to anyone except a single adult 21 days ago. He’ll still favourite a few tweets, but since then he’s just been tweeting nothing Club Penguin related. Before then he’d reply to us all of the time. Compare:

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 9.35.35 PM

Alright, fine. It seemed believable at the time that he was going to work on fun posts. (more on that later) But then without explanation, just like Businesmoose, he made his website/blog private. He has yet to comment on that, too. With Businesmoose’s I and others think he made his blog private since it was his last week at Club Penguin, but you never know.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 9.32.40 PM

But today was the final straw that made me realise something is going on. Up until today, he followed a little over 1,000 different penguins on Twitter. Then earlier that number dropped to about half that as shown.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 9.34.08 PM

He has since finished unfollowing everybody, once again without saying anything about it. He now only follows a few Club Penguin/Disney related accounts…and Happy77. Not even Businesmoose or Lane Merrifield/Billybob anymore. It’s strange. UPDATE: He’s unfollowed Happy77 too now…the plot thickens further! Thanks Buddytoe!

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 9.50.08 PM

So what’s up and why the sudden change? Where are these “fun posts”? Polo Field has just been posting the same old weekly updates and holding Field Friday’s ever since then, acting like nothing has changed. Another weird thing is around the time of this change, and it may be a coincidence, is that his blog name went from “Polo Field” to “PoloField” without the space inbetween the words. Does it mean anything? In fact, he only made 12 blog posts in March.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 9.46.44 PM

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 9.46.50 PM

So….what’s up?

UPDATE: Polo Field acknowledged him unfollowing us but as said, he can’t say why…


…he also replied to a few tweets and said why his blog was shut down. It was an experiment apparently?

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 1.05.08 PM

Is it a coincidence it magically happens after I point all of this out? Honestly, I think not.

155 thoughts on “What’s Going On With Polo Field? Is Club Penguin Restricting Him? (Updated)

    • oh nooo,for me polo is acting bad,if you search @polofield people is talking of thee unfolows and they are angry and they are unfollow him to.Update:now he unfollow 1 more person.

  1. Hmmm All The Staff Members Are Being Transfered to mech mice team,i dont like it,if they want a mech mice team then…,Please Steal Non-Known Moderators,No One Is Gonna Miss Them!
    We Can Miss Polo Field :(

  2. Polo Field was actually on the Club Penguin Wikia’s chat a few days ago. (April 1st) I believe. It was indeed the real Polo Field because, first of all, we all met up on CP and second of all, he confirmed it awhile to one of the chat admins were on twitter awhile back. He actually said a lot of things, and he even said he would post a mission sneak peek… and 5 minutes later, he posted that video. xD So, maybe not too inactive.

  3. You have a point train that is very odd all those post were very boring and need some funny stuff in it .

  4. Good Point. Another thing I noticed was before, he replied to comments on the CP blog, but since quite sometime ago, their are no more replies on the blog from CP members.

  5. He is acting SO weird…now he follows only 6 persons on Twitter, and he unfollowed his best friend Businesmoose…

  6. At an great occasion for me to express something I saw in a video of Polo someday. I know it will have nothing to do with the post but is related with it! It’s just that since I saw a video of him I noticed something strange in his character, it seemed that he was dissatisfied with his position … And therein came a silly idea in my head, and I began to think that it wants to be the owner of CP! Why, if he were dissatisfied with the work on Club Penguin, he would have already left, and he did not come out until today, so that means he wants to be “Head of Club Penguin.” And I could see (with thoughts mals) he was very anxious to Billybob output in order to take his place! I will review all the videos of him in order to better remember why I had these thoughts mals him …

    And in my opnion I do not think he’s enjoying this possession him at work, and think that him would like to earn more “featured” being the boss ”

    I’m the that one who talked to you yesterday on twitter @InteratiCP!

  7. We must guess Polo Field’s Account to access his secret blog. I will try my guesses to access his blog. Or idk if its one of those Disney Computers that you might need to put more than 4 passwords or somethng lke that

      • Trainman is ignoring me you dont post the bug i said,i said that he unfollowed 1 more person before but you gave the thanks to buddytoe,and you dont reply to me never,your ignoring me im very sad,if you ignore that i’ll never be back and i will hate you.And now polo follow again 6 persons.

  8. Also, I am part of the CP Wikia Community. And since Polo Field has an account on it. This April 1st of this year Polo Field went to chat and everyone talked like crazy, also the chat was kind of full. Then I saw Polo Field doing “-_-” like if he was tired of us or something like that. I have some screenshots proof I will give later

  9. Funny. Club Penguin has lost their best staff since ever: First Screenhog, then Rsnail, then Happy77, then Billybob, now it’s Businesmoose… How long until Polo quits? (And this case smells weird, like a certain Spike is involved…)

  10. I’m just going to throw this out there. Trainman 4 days ago Polo Field came on the Club Penguin Wikia chat and even then he was acting a little strange. He was acting more childish than usual and was really quiet a lot of the time.

    • Lana Del Ray is a singer, the account was just a friend that set the name to it. She had temporarily deleted her twitter so he couldn’t unfollow her, but since she undeleted it she was back as someone he followed. He permanently unfollowed her now though.


  12. :O Oh-no! Is Polo Field quit CP?!?! I think he’s sad but doesn’t wanna tell anyone because alot of people will talk about it…

  13. I think Polo will quit too. Freaking Spike Hike. If this is his fault, curse him. I am really unfollowing him, I don’t care. I had enough of his stupid stuff. He took off April Fools and he made Polo like this maybe??? I am sure he did. I am shocked.

  14. I think I have a theory. Spike Hike made others quit since Billybob’s date of quitting for some dumb reason?

  15. I saw that Polo’s blog was private a week ago because I wanted to comment something on the blog. I then went to Businesmoose’s blog and it was private too! Maybe the Club Penguin Team could be kicking Polo Field out of Club Penguin soon but I don’t know. It’s weird how bloggers that began blogging on CP are now quiting like Billybob, Happy77 etc. Could CP be hiring new workers or is it just coincidence? DUN DUN DUN!
    Also, on the vote for the new blogger a few weeks back, their were two other bloggers that I’ve never heard of (Robo Bird & Smulley). Are these bloggers new or have we just never heard of them before?
    Could Polo Field and Businesmoose (if Polo decides to quit) be working on another game or what? I don’t know. But there is definitely something going on . . .

  16. Guys, I know this is silly but let’s make a team and spy on Polo; pick up evidence and find out what’s happening… If he turns out to be a bad person we inform the CP team. Who agrees? If I have enough people agreeing we shall start Operation Polofield. Remember CP wants us to be creative.. So let’s use our creativity they gave us to find out what’s happening!

    • Ok. LETS DO THIS! Hey Field Friday is coming in a few days. Im going sooooo ill ask him his fav Servers and Rooms. Ill tell you guys and we can look around there. (Sorry this post is so long.)

  17. I think spike is involed because after moose screenhog and many others left he was still working like nothing happened.if he was a good freind to polo wouldn’t u say what’s happening with all these unfollows . Something shifty is going on…

  18. Why did you think Billybob and Happy77 and Businesmoose left. They are doing business and someone in the dark caught CP in its claws. Do you think CP is all rainbows and butterflies. Why are there so many bugs and glitches? Why do they lie? That’s why. I don’t know, but something happened to Club Penguin. Did you think Billybob has left the best thing that ever happened to him for doing something fun for schools. It’s all about MONEY. Polo Field was restricted to follow them because they left, they must remain silence. It’s very possible that Club Penguin kicked out the real Polo Field and placed another one. The thing with the blog author. That’s why he isn’t doing that much tweeting, they may have changed him. But they didn’t tell us. Why?! Because Club penguin is going down and they couldn’t just have tell us that all the good moderators have left. BY THE WAY SPIKE HIKE SEEMS CURIOUS! I sent 2 emails to the CP team the last few days and they did not reply.

  19. Billybob, Screenhog, Happy77 only quitted to ‘move on’ and that’s great. Infact Billybob started a new project (not a virtual game) to help kids in their studies. All of them want to start a new life (those who quitted). For some reasons I am thinking leaving Spike in charge is also a reason that Happy77 quitted.. Also the same thing with Businessmoose. Maybe they were fired but they said they quitted so we don’t turn against Spike. Well, I am worried a little.

  20. I’d rather things will happen , Three months ago , Happy77 , Businesmoose , Polo Field , Billybob have quit Clubpenguin. Do you ever see the change of CP. Its different. Something has happen to Clubpenguin or maybe They just busy with their own Business.

  21. I hope this is a really cold joke and that Polo isn’t going to leave CP too… What if he had a fight with the manager of Club Penguin team and now his a bit disapointed for something? Tell me this is a joke and that CP isn’t firing all of it’s pll, because then i’ll go mad and i’ll meet the manager and talk to him about all these faults!!!! After Rsnail left, I’ve begun to suspect that something is going on with Disney. What do you think?

      • Ok then. Maybe then it was just someone who hacked his accounts. We need to investigate it! We need Sherlock Holmes(kidding…)!!!!
        But still I don’t understand, why is Polo unfollowing pll in Twitter, and specially the ones from CP( Happy77, Businesmoose, Billybob( I mean Lane Merrifield))?

  22. I think something has happened to Polo Field, I think Club Penguin are going to get all of the CP Members who have a Twitter account to delete them. I’ve also just a minute ago sent Spike Hike a tweet asking why Polo Field nearly unfollowed everyone and why he set his blog to private! If you look on the first picture of the tweets (replying and not) on the after side, the top one says he’s happy for Moose and they’ll always be friends, but how is Polo Field going to be his friend if he unfollowed him?

  23. Spike Hike is ruining CP, first it was ugly penguins, then boring parties, and now firing Businesmoose and Happy77, either that or they knew CP was never going to be the same. The good things since Billybob left were already being made before Spike Hike took over, like missions and Op Blackout. It’s terrible!

  24. Btw, I asked Polo if there will be another Medieval Party and he said “Maybe or maybe not” or I believe he was responding to another dude if the Black Hoodie might return

  25. Polo Field has been acting suspicious. One time, during Field Friday, me and him were like best friends, next thing you know he blocks me… I returned the favour.
    Everyone, this isn’t Spike Hike’s fault. He doesn’t do much to do with employees, its the Admissions Officer’s job. Spike Hike watches over the game, the people running it, and the departments, while he is the head, he sometimes just has to agree with the heads of other CP departments to remain good friends with them, because he only just took over Lane (but he is making an excellent start, he’s a good man, with a kind and friendly attitude).
    Some people get tired of the same job after a while, my mum wants to give up teaching and start doing law, people want to do more with their lives than work for a kids game, they want to change the world around them, like Lane is doing with FreshGrade.
    I do agree that Club Penguin might be restricting him, as because Businesmoose is leaving

  26. (continued, sorry) he might be promoted to a higher job in the company, therefore has to keep shut a bit more, as Spike Hike is the one in the ‘high ranks’ who gives away all the sneak peeks and has the most right to do it, in comparison to say a Support representative (but they’re not told much anyway, but if they are, they will be told to keep quiet).
    You need to remember, Disney own Club Penguin, they manage everything to do with Club Penguin, all major company decisions need to go through the Disney high ranks before they can be put in to the game/action is taken, for example, Club Penguin would have to deal with the Disney high ranks to get the permission to do a Marvel Superhero Takeover, they can’t just do it at their own liking, although Marvel is part of Disney, if CP did it without permission, Club Penguin would be sued by Marvel.
    We are all assuming, and yes, Club Penguin would probably email you an official response, tell you to keep quiet, and tell you to take the post down or ‘bad things’ will happen, as they will take action, like they did with the Puffle Party – Gotta Have a Wingman video, but who knows, our assumptions might be correct.
    If Club Penguin doesn’t change the way it’s going, I’m going to take action, WHO IS WITH ME?!

    -Dj Stores

    PS. Spike Hike, if you are reading this, please don’t ban my account and block me, you’re my favourite CP worker/boss. I am just speaking for myself, I need to practice open speech, I’m going to secondary school soon :) Ta x

  27. now you know it?:O is too bad,train i have a question.the poll is whit ip dirrection?i meant that i vote in mi ipod but in my laptop shows me the results yet and i never vote in my laptop

  28. i can´t vote in my laptop because i voted yet in mi ipod and my ipod and my lap are connected to the same internet,so i think the poll is with ip dirrection,can´t vote in all the electronics connected to the same internet.

  29. Hey Trainman! Polo Field Tweeted That Gizmo Hired Him,And CP’s Blog Will Be Revamped,And One More Thing,He Unfoollowed Someone,Now He Just Follows 5 Twitter accounts,please take a picture,i dont have a twitter account.

  30. This is strange! At a Field Friday I went to he was silent and only spoke emotes… Tomorrow on the Blog: Polo Field’s Special Message –
    Hey penguins! I’m leaving CP……………………………… (probably)

  31. im happy for 1 thing,he responds to me yesterday in the field friday!i asked”why spike cancelled april fools?”and he responds”we all do it as a team beacause the puffle party”

  32. Hey everyone
    i went a little back and it appears that it wasn’t the first time Polo Field wrote his name with a space in the middle.I think this is just a coincidence because they write there name again when they are about to make a post

  33. Ever since Spike Hike took over Club Penguin, strange things have happened. Is it possible that Spike is firing Polo?

  34. I am going to do some research about him,his penguin and his life.I will inform you train if I get something that I think would be of interest of you

  35. Maybe he wanted more attention, so he wanted to see what happened if he changed a bunch of stuff. Afterwards, he was going to see if someone actually noticed him LOL

  36. Guys I think the answer lies in his blog I mean if he hasn’t been twittering or updating that much then that definitley means something is up everyone try to hack!GO GO GO

  37. Theres 2 polo fields twiiter accounts. 1 is this: @polo field (with a space) thats a SPANISH twitter for spanish users. @polofield is english.

  38. Polo Field is like one of the big hits and he is acting weird I will be trying to see what it is I mean I really don’t do anything on the bus on the way to school so that would give me something to do I an going to get started.

  39. @Trainman1405 I am afraid… me and @PoloField were like 2 pals and he unfollowed me. He doesn’t even answer ANYMORE to my tweets!

    • Yes, I was told that this morning by Azerty15. :) I’ve already planned to mention it on my minor Club Penguin updates post when CP updates.

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