Trainman1405 In Real Life: Ask Me Questions Again!

For a fourth time I am doing Ask Trainman, which is where you can ask me anything you’d like as long as it is appropriate and I will answer them all in a post I plan to publish about a week from now. I will answer every question submitted as long as it is not inappropriate, asks me for personal information (last name, address, etc) or anything else I do not feel like answering. Since you have about a week to submit as many questions as you’d like there is no rush. In the meantime feel free to check out post 1, post 2, and post 3 where I answered questions before. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve last done this!

On a side note, if you are interested you can view every Trainman1405 In Real Life post here. I look forward to answering your questions.

144 thoughts on “Trainman1405 In Real Life: Ask Me Questions Again!

  1. Trainman, I totally understand if you don’t want to answer this question: Do you watch any crude humor TV shows like South Park or any of the kind?

  2. If (I mean WHEN) you work for CP, will you give all of your original blog readers your signature blue lei? :P

    • Today I would never have asked that question. Seems kinda selfish to me. Plus, unfortunately, any person can get it anyways with CP’s terrible security.

  3. Here are my questions-

    1) I’m now 11 years. You even passed through this stage, so, can you tell me how was it that time?
    2) Have you ever been bullied? Cause, I’m a little introvert type. So, people always bully me…
    3) Do you have your own driving license?
    4) Luckily if you ever join Club Penguin, what would be the first thing you ever do inside the office?
    5) Do you play with Hot wheels?
    6) Has public recognized you after revealing your face?

  4. What made you get the idea to create Club Penguin Memories? Also how do you think Club Penguin Memories got so popular?

  5. Are you planning to go to college or some further education, now that you’ve graduated college? What do you want to do for your career? How did you come to love CP so much for such a long time? When did you start playing CP?

  6. What advice would you give someone for wanting to start a blog? (a blog that isn’t related to cp or one that is) thanks.

  7. Ok, I have some Questions!

    1. What Club Penguin Party would you like to see in the future?

    2. What is your favorite party of 2014 so far?

    3. Have you ever played Minecraft?

    4. Whats your favorite Club Penguin room music?

    5. Who’s your favorite mascot?

    6. Which mascot do you dislike the most?

    7. What was your first ever item in Club Penguin?

    8. How many stamps do you have?

    9.  Which stamp took the longest to get?

    10. Which real life event is your favorite? (April Fools, Halloween, Christmas 

    11. What’s your least favorite party of 2014 so far?


    13. Would you like to have your penguin drawn like the penguins in the Penguin Style?

    14. Which room would you like to see as a permanent room in CP? (the parts in brackets are the parties the rooms came from)
    A: Train Station (Holiday Party 2013)
    B: Hospital (Operation Blackout)
    C: Haunted Mansion (Halloween Party 2012)

    15. What’s better: Medieval Party or Music Jam?

    16.  Which of these songs is your favorite? 
    a.The Party Starts Now
    b.Anchors Aweigh
    c. Ghosts Just Wanna Dance
    d. Herbert Style
    e. Cool in the Cold

    17. What’s your favorite color of the alphabet? :D

    18. Robot or penguin?

    19. Can you translate this from French to English?
    Vous avez réussi à traduire ce, bien fait! Avez-vous réussi à répondre à toutes mes questions?

    20. Did you know that this question has never been answered?

    21. Who do you think will win the World Cup?

    22. What parties do you want to return in August or September?

    23. How long did the most recent ‘Trainman1405 In Real Life’ post take to make?

    I might have some more questions :)

  8. Okay so…I sort of briefed through a bit of the 3 posts. It’s 22:23. :|
    Anyway so I have a couple of questions.
    1)Do you like pookies? (Idk about me tho XD)
    2)Have you heard of the British band “The Wanted”? <- to me they are so much better than "One Direction" just sayin'.
    3)(Related to question 2) If so, do you know any of their songs and which ones? (I bet you don't. :|)
    4) Do you consider yourself a "famous penguin" with all the imposters and your popular blog?
    5) Are you getting tired of my boring questions?
    Okay, thank you.

  9. Here in a state along a Great Lake where it snows over 100 inches a season, we desperately wait for spring to come and life to flourish yet again (The winter is fun at first but gets really annoying and boring after a while). I was just wondering if that sounds like fun to you? If you like snow then that is great, but getting 8+ feet of snow in four months is not enjoyable. I want to be a meteorologist when Im older so if this sounds random then there you go! And as for a second question, have you ever heard of Art Prize? It is a really cool festival in a place in Michigan, and I usually travel there for each event they have. You should go sometime :) I actually know the meteorologist who works for the community there and he is super friendly.

  10. Do your parents, relatives, friends, know how good you are at programming languages? Do they ask you for help?

  11. Must be a lotta comments to go through XD

    Do you plan on owning, like, one of those big giant model train sets? Like the ones that are huge, take up a room, and really expensive someday?

    Why 1405?

  12. You are considered as a very popular personality in the Club Penguin community. Do you enjoy all this attention?

  13. Will you ever clean out your buddy list of the people who no longer go online to add others who have been waiting patiently for you to add them for years? It would then become fair to others.

  14. Have you read the Harry Potter books, or watched the films? If so, what’s your opinion on how the book ended? would you have preferred it if Harry died or was the ending just fine to you? Personally,i Liked the ending but thought the epilogue was was a bit cheesey!, you? :’)

  15. Just so everyone’s aware, I am approving comments on this post only once I type up the answer to them in an unpublished post. So if you don’t see your comment here yet, don’t worry. As of writing this I’ve got about 80 comments to approve on this post. Keep the questions coming! :D

  16. I am sorry, but will you plz add me on skype? I sent you a message and a request. Btw, who are ur friends on Skype? Will you submit my comments? And, how do you even submit them? Can i help out with the website by helping out other penguins, answer questions and tell you the typos? Thanks! I hope I’m not bugging you lol.

    • I checked but I have no friend requests on Skype. I’m never on anyway. Tons of people have added me overtime and so I don’t keep track. Yeah, you can do that in the comments. I don’t mind. :)

  17. Oh and thank you! Ur blog is awesome! I also sent a message and I’m pretty sure I did…If u have time add Megg12345_cp. It has 3 blue hearts on the left and right. Sorry I am crazy about this it’s just u rock!

  18. is this the crusty crab? what is the meaning of life? how do you like your eggs in the morning? opinion on bacon in syrup? do you think the 90s ended in 1999 or the late 2000s? what is your shoe size? if you had to get a tattoo, what would it be of? samurai warriors or medieval knights?

  19. -Who is your favourite singer/band?
    -What is your dream career?
    -What is your favourite day of the week?
    -Do you sleep on your side, back or belly?
    -What is your favourite music genre?
    -If you could go to any country in the world right now, where would that be?

  20. Hey Trainman!

    I know that I’m late, but will you please excuse this and count me in as I didn’t have time until now and really wanna ask some questions? I know you’ll. Thanks. Anyway, my questions are as follows: (sorry if they’ll almost a million! :P)

    1) Remember when I got in trouble due to me copying posts from CP Memories? I just remembered that I once had a dream during those old days that I added a subtitle on my site’s header saying: “Now You Can Read Posts From CP Memories On This Site!” and really wanted to tell you about it as it has something to do with the question and is funny! Glad that we’re back friends and that everything’s okay once again, though. :)

    2) Don’t you feel bored when on CP at all? I really get bored a lot unless the room is like full with people who are role-playing which is what I enjoy doing on CP. Are you the same or not and why? Just curious as you’re even older than me! :P (Fun Fact: I even asked Thinknoodles about this and he said that he’s always having fun when he’s online as he’s always online on Think Thursday or on events which is the best time to have fun and get crowded by a billion of what he calls “noodlers”! Lol!)

    3) I’ve always wanted to ask this and now I’ll: Can you ask Graser why did Thinknoodles fight with them?

    4) Do you hate Thinknoodles for fighting with your brother and do you always support your brother or hate and stand against him? (Graser)

    5) Are you married or planning to do so anytime soon?

    6) Was Thinknoodles the guy you pointed to when saying “even someone way older than me still plays CP” in previous Ask Trainman1405 posts?

    7) How was Minecraft when you played it? I mean, did you enjoy it that you got addicted to it like your brother? Oh, and, do you usually play MC with ur bro or not always or never ever and why if sometimes or never?

    8) What do you think of Poptropica?

    9) MC, Poptropica, CP. Sort them according to ur fav game.

    10) Are you always at home and never talk to anyone in real life or go out cuz u seem to… umm… have no life… (sorry bad to say it) or do you do both sometimes or even rarely?

    11) Why do you share a lot of personal information that you even told us your whole life story and showed us many photos of you? That’s dangerous…

    12) What do you think of iOS 8? I mean, are you excited?

    13) Apple, Samsung, Microsoft. Sort them according to ur fav. (or “best and most advanced”)

    14) Are you a programmer?

    15) What’s your dream job? (please don’t tell me a CP support representative if you don’t think that you’ll ever get a chance to get this job)

    16) Have you ever got in fights with boys from school? If so, did you win or lose? Or at least, which happens most – you winning or losing?

    17) Was the last Christmas competitions thing for 24 days (or 12, I don’t remember) fake as you didn’t record yourself choosing the winners farley?

    18) Spike Hike or Billybob? You must pick one. For me, I’d say Billybob. Although I think Spike Hike did good job but Billybob still did better when it comes to not having takeovers and actually LISTEN to us with what the word holds of meaning…

    19) Have you heard about or tried CPYS? (CP Your Server – a CPPS. Well, the post popular one which later on closed)

    20) How often do you cut your hair?

    21) How often do you shave?

    22) Do you get rid if your body’s hair like leg’s, hand’s, etc…?

    23) Have you ever tried “Laser Hair Removal”?

    24) Why do you like posting before everyone else?

    25) Don’t you think that Spike should stop pretending to “listen” to us and actually STOP the advertising parties. Yes, AD Parties is the new name of Takeovers. Imma call ’em so. They used to say that it’s safe for children and is a ad-free game… Oh, and when Disney bought it they signed a contact which contained a rule saying that it’ll stay stay an ad-free game… I hope you show this to Spike Hike…

    26) Do you design graphics or not at all? Don’t worry, I don’t want any but just curious as I think that you never design graphics but always others do so for you.

    27) The top bug post on was fixed last night when CP updated so you might want to FINALLY post that long promised post telling us which bugs were fixed by CP. We’ve been waiting a year for it.

    Finally, I want to thank you for everything, apologize again for everything, and let you know that my penguin is now “TurboTankz” and I go by that online username as of the start of this year instead of “Oil999”. Oh, and I’ve quit Twitter and blogging, too.

    See ya!

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