Puffle Digging On Demand Coming To Club Penguin

Yesterday Megg posted a follow up post to her original post about Puffle Tricks. She said that the super trick will be the ability to have your Puffle dig on command! That’s awesome news. Here’s the photos Megg posted of it in action:


Along with that there are either Pink or Purple Bunny Ears at this party! Sweet! I guess there won’t be an Egg Hunt then…


The following page has been updated:

11 thoughts on “Puffle Digging On Demand Coming To Club Penguin

  1. Oh no!!!
    Plz dont be the pink bunny ears!!!
    They are rare!!
    And i have them!!,
    Hope they are purple!!!
    They do look different

  2. Yay! I love CP’s bunny hats. They are some of the cutest nonmember items ^.^
    There’s going to be a lot of pookies wearing them, though.. So I hope people don’t become annoyed. :P

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