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On Club Penguin’s Website, they have a blog where Polo Field, Ninja, Spike Hike, Daffodaily5, Chattabox, and Tour Guide post. Penguins such as Federflink1, Gajotz, Loustik005, Tato Maxx, and others also post on the foreign Club Penguin Blogs, however this page is only about the English Club Penguin Blog. Previously when they worked at Club Penguin, Billybob, Happy77, Rsnail, Screenhog, and Businesmoose would post on the blog. Originally 2-4 posts were made each week but once Club Penguin started doing Penguin of the Day in May 2013 there have been 7-10 posts each week. The posts are usually sneak peaks, behind the scenes stuff, or about upcoming events when not Penguin of the Day. Below is a link to the current blog post.

If you’re looking for a friend to cheer you up when you’re down, to host loads of awesome igloo parties, someone who has a passion for fashion AND loves hanging out with puffles… then Frostballer7 is your guy! :)

Do you know someone who is just AWESOME? Contact Us and let us know why. Every successful POTD gets 5000 coins!

-Club Penguin Team

46 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog

  1. If you live in the USA, can you buy the smoothie mix box online? If you can, will the codes that are in the box work on the USA servers? I really think that every Penguin across the world should have the same chance to get exclusive items too! Thank You for giving me a chance to post my views!
    I Hope To See You Waddle Around,
    Icy Wobble

  2. I love club penguin its totally fun you can be a member I’m not a member by the way pinkautumn6 don’t be her friend because at school she bugs me for gum all the time

  3. sorry in real life I never shout and your website is even better than club penguin insiders and THAT is awsome forgive me? :) :) :)

  4. hey train do you have the book codes for the new book i looked at it and i think it said its going to be in the stores 10th!

      • Ok i can’t tell, Graser10 is famous. Actually is REALLY FAMOUS THAT EVERYONE KNOWS HIM FOR EVERYTHING( Club Penguin Videos, Minecraft Videos, Poptropica Videos). But how did he became so famous; that’s a big story! I think i’ll ask him an interview………………………………………………………………………..OK I WONT CAUSE I CANT :(

  5. Cool blog, Btw, do you know when club penguin started? I have been wondering since the day I started a club penguin account…

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