Puffle Tricks Are Coming To Club Penguin

Megg made a post on Club Penguin’s Blog yesterday and announced a new feature that will be released soon! The feature is Puffle tricks! There will be seven different tricks you can do, including a super special one. I wonder what it is?

I also wonder what’s opening at the Stage on April 24th…

Check out the screenshots Megg posted to Club Penguin’s blog:




Puffle tricks seem like fun! Unfortunately I feel like it’ll be any other Puffle feature: everyone will do it a lot once it’s released but quickly grow tired of it and never do it again, or at least very little. Oh well.

The following page has been updated:

7 thoughts on “Puffle Tricks Are Coming To Club Penguin

  1. Puffle features are getting very extreme now. We can teach our puffles to dig on demand and make them speak? Digging was alright but I think this is a step too far. For the puffle gala it will be good but it will die down after the party ends.

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