Club Penguin Cat Puffle Sneak Peek

So far Club Penguin has officially teased the Dog Puffle but the Cat Puffle is totally confirmed if you still had any doubts on its existence I’ve got 100% confirmation thanks to a sneak peek from Club Penguin!

Remember when Club Penguin posted a sneak peek of the Club Penguin app on the iPhone? The Club Penguin staff member’s username is Sirgreenalot. Check out this picture of her playercard…notice anything?


She has the Cat Puffle! Maybe she is doing some testing before the app update’s big release? Either way, the Cat Puffle is definitely real and coming soon. Meow!

A huge thanks to @TheAlexAnton for the image and letting me know!

22 thoughts on “Club Penguin Cat Puffle Sneak Peek

    • Yeah they work for CP. and Ken Dodd isn’t my friend on CP, he’s someone else’s – the pic isn’t mine :)

  1. I already knew there was going to be a cat puffle, i watched 2 videos with them in it. 1.Puffle trouble and 2.the Muppets takeover party

  2. Train is this a good idea?

    That when we get the dog or cat puffle we can get a pack which includes a hat, a squeaky toy(?), some pet treats and maybe a furniture item for them.

    Also, how about, if you have the dog puffle, you can find more items in Puffle Digging. They also can chase cats(?).

    Cat puffles can like chase some kind of pest that CP should add like a mouse and the cat puffle chases it away.

    How are those ideas Train?

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