Stinky Stinky – A Club Penguin Digital Short Featuring A Dog Puffle

Club Penguin’s big Muppets #WaddleOn episode will be released next week, so this week Club Penguin has uploaded a digital short featuring Megg, Polo Field, and the Dog Puffle that is going to be released next month!

Yeah…I’m sure it was the dog! :-P Would you like more shorts from Club Penguin like this? I would!

23 thoughts on “Stinky Stinky – A Club Penguin Digital Short Featuring A Dog Puffle

  1. I’m considering naming mine Blue. I know what you’re thinking, unoriginal and lame. But! Not just the color. I’m naming it Blue based off the show Blue’s Clues. I do realize that Blue is actually female… So I’m suggesting other names… Maybe some relating to the topic… Like maybe Clue or something… I’m thinking way to hard on this right now… I still have a month. Leave a thought if you want.

      • I named my Blue Puffle “Blue Clue” since Dec 2013. Who would have ever thought there would be a Dog Puffle! Anyways, if there are the following colored puffles, I’ll name it…

        *White – Bolt
        *Yellow – Pluto
        *Brown – Scooby Doo
        *Blue – Maybe Blue Clue again, freeing my original blue puffle at the wilderness

  2. 1. I think it was a funny video, my only suggestion about the idea of the comedy in general would be making a compilation of these in one larger video since it was so short.
    2. I also think the dog puffle thing was a little weird.. idk why it just felt off to me. Puffles are already pets it seemed like they were trying to make them MORE like pets.

  3. They should make more and they should make it more longer… The question is : What if dog puffles chase cat puffles?

  4. The puppy-puffle is sooooo cute!
    I love the floppy ears.
    My brother wants a snake puffle that sort of bounces like a spring.

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