Club Penguin App Version 1.4 Spoilers – Dog & Cat Puffles, New Rooms, and More!

Version 1.4 of Club Penguin’s application will be coming to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch within the next few weeks and along with it there are many new features that will be included in the fourth major app update! Version 1.4’s main focus is Puffles. If you’re wondering who supplied me with the information, you guessed it – V0rtex did!

In the application Puffles are referred to as Puffle Creatures, which means there will be different species of Puffle. Club Penguin teased the Cat Puffle in the Muppets World Tour Game On commercial and it is going to be released very soon along with a Dog Puffle! Here is a little information about them:

The Cat Puffle, or “Orange Tabby Cat”:

-Emotion: Curious, Demanding
-Snack of choice: Socks
-Details: Loves to hide in tiny spaces

The Dog Puffle, or “Blue Border Collie”:

-Emotion: Loyal, Mischievous
-Snack of choice: Pretzels
-Details: Loves chasing cat puffles

Here is a picture of the two. Aren’t they cute?


In the app you will be able to adopt up to 40 Puffles which can be kept in your igloo’s backyard. Only 10 can be kept in your igloo. As usual nonmembers can only have two Puffles and taking a Puffle out of your backyard requires a membership.

It is not known how but the Cat and Dog Puffles will be collected some way. The app also currently makes no mention of the Gold or Rainbow Puffles, only the usual ones (Blue, Red, White, etc) and the upcoming Cat and Dog Puffles.

I posted about this already, but more rooms will be coming to the Club Penguin app soon. There is the Plaza:


From the Plaza you will be able to access the Pet Shop and also the Puffle Hotel which includes the Lobby, Spa, and Roof. You can interact with your Puffle in the hotel.

The Park will also be available:


And also the My Igloo section of the map is updated:


The Ski Village, Ski Hill, and Ski Lodge will be added in the future but likely not in version 1.4 Two games, Aqua Grabber and Mancala, are also being worked on but are not going to be available in the 1.4 update.



That wraps up what to be expected in version 1.4 of Club Penguin’s app! Are you excited? Thanks again to V0rtex for finding this information and passing it along to me.

49 thoughts on “Club Penguin App Version 1.4 Spoilers – Dog & Cat Puffles, New Rooms, and More!

  1. First, rainbow puffles. Next, Gold Puffles. Then Dino Puffles – now DOG AND CAT PUFFLES?! What’s next? Tiger Puffles? Pig Puffles? Soooo many new puffles!

    The park looks cool :D

  2. can you pass me the “cat and dog puffles” image without the site please? I will give you credits when i post it

  3. Will there ever more more colored species of puffles adoptable during the Puffle Party, like Red Cat Puffle, Green Cat Puffle, Black Dog Puffle, Purple Dog Puffle, etc?

    Also, if Mancala is being worked on, then that could mean the team is working to add the Book Room/CP Times Office in the near future also.

    Now I have one more question…


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