Plaza and Puffle Hotel Coming To Club Penguin App

Last month I reported that Club Penguin would be adding a Puffle Park in the near future. The room has not yet been released, however it seems like Club Penguin is getting closer to its release date (maybe next month at the Puffle Party?) as they have added configuration files for the Plaza and Puffle Hotel rooms. UPDATE: The Pet Shop is added too. I do not know if the Stage or Pizza Parlour are going to be added anytime soon. The rooms are not filled in as this is just the room’s background. When you actually go to the room in the Club Penguin app a background loads like this and then all the objects in the room load one by one, sort of like when you go to an igloo – first the igloo loads, then the furniture. As usual, a special thanks goes out to V0rtex for the tip.

Here in the Plaza. You can see a path on the left side of the room leading to the upcoming Puffle Park room.


The Pet Shop:


The Puffle Hotel Lobby:


The Puffle Hotel Spa:


The Puffle Hotel Roof:


I do not know if you will be able to complete the Puffle expert tasks from the Club Penguin app or if you will be able to go to the Cloud Forest (where the Rainbow Puffle can be found) at this time.

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    2. Is he a spy or does he work for CP?
    3.It looks like Puffle Hotel has moved!

  2. yo train you doing train tuesday today, answer ASAP, i know this is the long long time ago but i stalk you on twitter and #YouLikeLulu

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