Win a One Year (12 Month) Membership from Club Penguin*

*UK only

That’s right, if you live in the United Kingdom you’re able to enter for a chance to win a free one year membership from Club Penguin! Here are all of the details from Daffodaily5.

The team loves to hear about your favourite things to do on Club Penguin, including your fave games, costumes and places to hang out.

So we’re hosting a competition where UK players can print off our special template, fill in all the blanks with writing and pictures, then send to our team in Brighton. With the help of two members of the UK team, I’ll choose one winner who will receive a 12 month membership for their penguin!

The special My Penguin Day template (and the competition rules) are available to download HERE!


Here’s the IMPORTANT bit: Every submission needs to include a parents’ contact information (they need to fill in the box underneath all the rules) before sending. The competition ends on the 27th of January, so all templates should be sent to us before then to be entered into the competition. The address can be found at the bottom of the template. We’re only accepting entries from the UK and Ireland.

I can’t wait to see all the amazing pictures and stories you’ve got to share! Have fun! :)

I wish I could enter. Good luck to those of you who do!

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16 thoughts on “Win a One Year (12 Month) Membership from Club Penguin*

  1. Ok so i saw the title and was like WWHHHAATT?!?! YAYAYAYAYYAAA!!!!!! IM SOO ENTERING!!!

    then i saw the next line….. :( lol FINE! haha.

  2. ohh… Good luck to all who will enter!

    Train==> I think you have made one mistake in first line… it should be “chance”but you have written “change”.. Sorry if it is already corrected!

  3. the americans basically got everything before 2011/12 I forgot. and since then they still get lots of stuff. I’m not pointing any fingers or calling any names, but you need to remember what you still have, and look on the bright side

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