Gary’s Adopting a Puffle – Help Pick a Name!

Gary is adopting his first ever Puffle and he needs your help picking a name! There are four we can choose from. Fittingly all of the names are scientific in some way.


The choices are:

  1. Archimedes (Archie)
  2. Marsh
  3. Darwin
  4. Pi

You can vote for which name Gary should name his Puffle on the Fun Stuff page. Will it be a regular Puffle or will it be a Dino Puffle?

Which name did you vote for? I chose Darwin.

The following page has been updated:

88 thoughts on “Gary’s Adopting a Puffle – Help Pick a Name!

  1. PI?!? YES PI. i love pi. (both kinds, but i love mathmatical pi alot! and pIE OF COURSE!)
    Well, Archie is a better puffle name, but I like Pi… hmm ill have to go there and decide :)

    • I’ve been using them a while, I had just turned it off briefly not long ago. I do it because some people will copy and paste my posts without any credit.

  2. We should do this with Sensei too. I think Darwin because he could help find out how puffles evolved through evolution from Dino puffles to now. That’s why Gary is getting a puffle, I think.

  3. Apparently Darwin will win, except I vote for Pi… but whatever, still a cool name. I wonder if he’s getting a Brown Puffle or a Dino Puffle? I can’t believe all these years and he never got a puffle!

  4. hey trainman , why some penguins on the island , got a new T-shirt (a white t-sirt with an orange puffle on it) and a blue neck item ?

    I dont know , because the new penguin style is unavable at the moment and there are not new code , the last code was HOLIDAY1 and it give a hornament hat?

    I hope to reply me soon…

  5. And guess what? i was randomly on cp when i found Perapin and Nanner Fairy sitting in the bottom of town! (with a group of people around them after a bit haha)

  6. I bet its gonna be archie, but i wish it was pi cause its mathy and im a very math related person XD
    Hey train, what math are you doing right now?(Like Algebra 2, calc2 , etc)

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