27 thoughts on “Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2014 – Members Can Collect & Keep Dino Puffles!

  1. This will be awesome! I hope we will be able to transform into them as well and also with the transformations from last year and maybe even with new transformations! However, the limit to keep puffles is 20 and there are 12 species of puffles in total. That means there would be like 24 puffles so we won’t be able to adopt them all…Maybe they will be considered like hand item or the ability to adopt puffles would increase.

  2. I just saw a log off screen about the igloo volcano item like last year, says available from 21 to 29th. :)
    And SWEET!!! im soo exited to get dino puffles!!! I hope hope hope HOPE HOPE we can keep them after the party ends! :(:(:( sad day if we cant. I really like super duper icecream scouper loved being the dinos last year!! especially the dark red and black huuuggeee t rex. SOOOO EPIC. haha.

  3. OOOOOO. I hope they have some sort of Hibernation Igloo for puffles. You have to feed your puffles to 100% to place them in Hibernation. Then, you don’t have to feed them until you would like to put them back in your igloo. Please, I dont want to take care of 40 puffles at a time. I want some sort of Hibernation or Storage.

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