Club Penguin Blog: Help Decide Future X-treme Reading Segments

The Club Penguin Team needs your help! As you may remember from episode one of The Spoiler Alert, there was a segment called X-Treme Reading. The team continues to plan doing it and they want your suggestions!


Fun fact, this is issue 60 of the Club Penguin Times from December 7, 2006.

Some of the ideas the team has come up with include:

  • Poorly translated robot text
  • Extreme newspaper rapping
  • Speak like a pirate
  • Backwards reading

You can comment on the blog post with your suggestions on how else they can do X-treme reading. I suggested they read it in another language, such as translating it into Spanish and trying their best to read it! What have you come up with?

The following page has been updated:

16 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Help Decide Future X-treme Reading Segments

  1. Use the letter of each word and end it with ookie (Puffle becomes pookie, Angry becomes aookie, Rock becomes rookie and Orange becomes oookie!)

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