Club Penguin Blog: Daffo’s App Tips: Smoothie Smash!

With Smoothie Smash being added to Club Penguin’s iPad app last week, Daffodaily has posted a few tips on the blog for penguins to try out. Here is what she wrote:

  • There aren’t any obstacles like anvils on the iPad game – it’s all about the score!
  • Sparkling fruit are the ones that are needed for the current smoothie. Each time you smash a sparkling fruit you get a score multiplier – X10 is the maximum. See how long you can keep it there!
  • Sometimes it’s better not to smash – see if you can work out when it’s better for you to bounce slowly!
  • Always try and get the Bonus Time and Golden Apple power-ups, they’ll really boost your score!
  • Collect 5 Golden Apples and your screen will be flooded with fruit, boosting your score!


What’s your highest score in Smoothie Smash?

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