The Big My Penguin App Update Is Now Here! (Brief Walkthrough)

Club Penguin’s long awaited app update is now here! The app was formerly called My Penguin but is now simply called ‘Club Penguin’. Here’s a rundown of everything that is new. As a quick summary before I get more in depth, this update introduces the ability to visit four rooms, two new games, (Pizzatron and Smoothie Smash) and more!

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 2.16.40 AM

What’s New in Version 1.3

· Rooms: Town, Dance Club, Clothes Shop, and Coffee Shop
· Safe Chat and Ultimate Safe Chat players can now access igloos and rooms
· Jump to any of your online App Friends
· Watch videos
· Mini games: Smoothie Smash and Pizzatron
· Recurring membership options
· Update required from previous versions of the app to v.1.3

Now for the actual app. The main screen looks like this. The notice board on the left mentions the ability to access rooms and there is an arrow pointing to the Town also.



The town is just like on regular CP except for the piles of snow on the left and right to block off the Dock and Snow Forts. These rooms will be added to my Penguin at some point in the future.


Here’s the Clothes Shop.


The Dance Club:


The Coffee Shop:


You can access a game from the room if it’s available in My Penguin. You can also access games (and rooms) from the map which has been slightly rennovated.



Smoothie Smash is the first of two new games. If you use my workaround to install Club Penguin on the first generation iPad, it seems that regular mode does not work – at least for me. However, if you tap the bomb for survival mode it will work fine! Thanks Pup2602!



The second of two new games is Pizzatron 3000.


For Cookietron 3000 simply tap the lever on the left size.



Pizzatron on the iPad has a different look than on the desktop version of Club Penguin! It’s much more modern and sleek. There are also a few minor changes in the game, for example sometimes it’ll tell you to make your own random pizza and in Candytron the pizzas are different shapes such as a star or penguin.


The gameplay is still the same. You have to make 40 pizzas and can only mess up a maximum of five times before it’s game over.



Here are videos of the games:

Survival Mode in Smooth Smash:

Pizzatron and Candytron 3000:

The ability to watch videos has been re-added to the app too.


While brief, this has been a quick overview on what’s new. If you have an iPad check it out! Accessing rooms is a lot of fun and I look forward to more being added.

Thanks to Oil999 for alerting me the update is out.

The following page has been updated:

27 thoughts on “The Big My Penguin App Update Is Now Here! (Brief Walkthrough)

      • He means the one in the Town. Btw, is it true that the Dance Club has different music? If it does, and if it is also in CP’s files, could you link it here? I haven’t updated the app yet…

        • Ohh, didn’t see that. And yes, different music plays. I tried to find the music file but didn’t have any luck. I may have to do a recording myself. I’ll record it later, upload it to SoundCloud, and stick it in the post.

    • On iOS devices you can take a screenshot by hitting the home button and the power button on the top button at the same time.

  1. Trainman, I got some more questions

    1. What is iOS? (I forgot what that was) and some examples please?
    2. If the Coffee Shop is open and Smoothie Smash and Bean Counters is released, then do you waddle on that part to play? Or is it by another method?
    3. The same as the 2nd question. Can you buy the Penguin Style at theClothes Shop by waddling on the curtains? Or is it by another way?
    4. If a party is on, then will CP on the app is going to be decorated by how the party looks like? Or is it going to be normal CP with the default rooms during the party?
    5. Is there an exclusive item to obtain from the Club Penguin App?

    Sorry if there were too many questions, I want to clear out some things on my mind.

    • Here you go:

      1. iOS is the operating system that runs on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. Kind of like how your tablet runs Android as the operating system. Android and iOS are operating systems but built by different companies and used on different devices.
      2. You can access all games directly from the map or you can waddle to the Coffee Shop and play them.
      3. Nope, the Penguin Style is (surprisingly) not available in the clothes shop…yet anyway.
      4. I don’t know yet. I have a feeling that for now it’ll stay normal until CP is ready to roll out all rooms and then parties but time will tell.
      5. There’s nothing new that’s exclusive aside from that Summer Jam igloo from a few months back.

      It’s not too many questions, if you have any more I will be more than happy to answer them. :)

  2. Question, on the app, when you go to the town, do you only see the people at the town that are using the app, or do you see people from normal cp too? and id the later, then can people on normal cp see you?

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