Polo Field To Post Information About Upcoming New Puffle Soon

While we’ve known there are new Puffle surprises coming in November thanks to Club Penguin’s membership page, nothing has been said about it on the blog until now. Polo Field made a brief blog post commenting on the subject. Here is what he said:

The rumors are true! A new puffle species is coming this month. We can’t say too much yet, but we’ll have more show you soon!

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 12.10.42 AM

Thoughts? What color species do you think it’ll be?

Many people seem to think it’s gold. Do you agree or disagree?

The following page has been updated:

46 thoughts on “Polo Field To Post Information About Upcoming New Puffle Soon

  1. I hope it’s gold! I mean There’s a play about the gold puffle and on the Card jutis second wave card said it’s just a myth or is it ture….

    • They’re probably going to update tonight instead, so instead of releasing the new pin one night and updating the night after to take down the party, they’re just saving it all for one night.

  2. I agree it will be Golden because if you translate “El Puffle Dorado” it literally means “The Golden Puffle.”, others may have noticed the match between “El Dorado” – The city of gold. If you’re unsure you may need to look it up on a search engine.

  3. Ok… Its a Golden Puffle for sure cuz this picture shows the puffles hair different and even in the potion book the puffles hair were just like this.

  4. I think the Upcoming Puffle is gonna to be, Gold! Why? If you were in Club Penguin during the Medieval Party 2013, and scrolled to the very last page of the Spell Book, you noticed that there is Garianna with a Golden Puffle!

  5. Mind = blown.There haven;t been MULTIPLE new puffles in one year since 2006!… That is right isn’t it?


  6. MM :| I wish CP would hold the golden puffle for next year puffle party and instead add an almond puffle or a grey blueish puffle…. wondering if there could be a black or white puffle like a cat or something like that.

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